Top 12 Best Child Outdoor Furniture Set in Review

Best Child Outdoor Furniture Set To Occupy Your Children!

Playing is an integral part when it to a child’s growth and development. However, constant supervision is also necessary. It is even more challenging to monitor the kid’s activity while outdoors. That is where child outdoor furniture set come into play.

A piece of outdoor furniture reduces the hassle of controlling and monitoring a group of kids. It provides a playing platform for the kids meaning all activities get directed to the table.

Apart from that, it offers a sitting space for your kids to have meals and snacks hence easy monitoring while they are eating, but with 100s of various children outdoor furniture set in the market, it is challenging to select the best. That is why we have provided you with a list of best child outdoor furniture set that meets all your kids need

12. Humble Crew Collection Kids Wood Table and Four Chair Set

The set comes already pre-assembled hence suitable for immediate use. It includes a square table and four multicolored seats, which is a perfect size for your children to read books, eat, play board games, and much more. More so, you can place it in the living room, playroom, bedroom, or outdoor use.

The Humble Crew Collection is of wood construction hence promising durability and reliable support. If your kids are 3-years old and above, that is toddlers and pre-school children, then purchasing this set is the best option.

That is also a guarantee of portability hence easy to move the collection between outdoor and indoor playpens.

Humble Crew Collection Kids Wood Table and Four Chair Set


  • The tabletop is of water-resistant coating hence easy to clean
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Has multi-functional use accordingly can work as a picnic table
  • The multi-colored chairs are comfortable


  • The chairs need some assembly
  • Has no umbrella

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11. Kidkraft Heart Table and Chair Set

When it comes to the best child outdoor furniture set, then Kidkraft meets all the expectations. Not only price-wise but also the functionality. The set includes two chairs and a heart table, making it an ideal setting for games, art and craft show, and homework.

Its natural wood construction makes it suitable in any kid’s room. What makes this set unique is the handy storage bins that can be accessed from any side of the table. Don’t be afraid of maintenance because the bins are removable and washable.

Additionally, the four storage bins it very convenient for storing kids, toys, and other playing accessories.

Kidkraft Heart Table and Chair Child Outdoor Funiture


  • Manual included for assembling guidelines
  • Strong and durable
  • Perfect size for kids
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • It requires assembling
  • Has no warranty

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10. Humble Kids Crew 2-in-1 Construction Table

Humble Crew is known to be among the best sellers and manufacturers when it comes to outdoor furniture set, and this set also doesn’t disappoint. The table is a LEGO-compatible play surface with Duplo and LEGO building blocks.

This set includes two chairs 20″ x20″ table, removable cover, and mesh storage bag. The storage bags comes with 100 pieces of LEGO-compatible blocks; thus, your child will have fun fully. What makes it more perfect is the smooth removable tabletop that makes it multi-functional.

The whole set is of lightweight and sturdy plastic construction hence easy rearranging. You can rely on it for outdoor use because it is easy to maintain and clean after mess.

Child Outdoor Furniture that consists of legos to keep your child occupied for hous.


  • Suitable for toddlers and pre-schooled children
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Compatible with plastic building blocks and Duplo blocks
  • Easy to assemble


  • Complain that the LEGO are difficult to get off and on the table

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9. Utex 2 in 1 Kids Construction Play Table – Child Outdoor Furniture

The UTEX 2-in-1 construction play table offers two types of the top surface, a smooth surface on one side and a construction surface on the other side. That is the reversible play board compatible with major brand blocks and the smooth surface for other toys and much more.

It offers the kids with ample fun space to build their creativity. Its wooden construction and elegant design make it more perfect for outdoor use. The kids will only need to convert the tabletop surface as it’s of double-sided play board.

Lastly, the construction panel is compatible with major building blocks, which makes it even more convenient.

UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Construction Play Table child outdoo furniture


  • Suitable for ages one year and above
  • Has Espresso finish hence an elegant look for your home decor
  • Easy to assemble
  • Two storage drawers thus a convenient built-in storage


  • The package does not come with blocks

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8. Fantasy Fields-Lil’ Sports Fan Kids Wooden Table and Two Chairs Set

The Fantasy Fields set consists of a wooden table and two chairs. Its design makes it durable and of value to your money. The maximum weight limit of this set is 100 lbs hence suitable for your toddlers. More so, your kids will be delighted to have this set as there additional outdoor furniture because of multiple sports like football, basketball, soccer, and baseball painted on the top surface.

The chairs, on the other hand, features football jersey and baseball jersey, which makes it more attractive. Furthermore, a step to step assembly instructions included.

Finally, it is perfect for consideration as a bookshelf because of the three shelved floral creations.

Fantasy Fields-Lil' Sports child outsid furniture with Kids Wooden Table


  • Of durable wooden construction hence sturdy and durable
  • Suitable for three years and above kids
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bookshelf offers two hooks; thus you can secure it in the wall


  • None

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7. Little Tikes Easy Store, Jr. Play Table

Many brands design children’s outdoor furniture but do not consider the younger ones below three years. Little Tikes brand offers your kids with the best child outdoor furniture.

You will find it easy to store as it opens and closes. Moreover, it is lightweight in design and folds down easily with an accommodation capacity of four kids ranging from 18 months to 5-years. In case of harsh weather, the hole in the center holds the market umbrella.

Also, it holds up to 50 lbs making it more convenient for your kids. Lastly, you don’t need any tool to set it up or take it down.


  • The center hole can hold an umbrella
  • Accommodates up to four kids
  • Easy storage and portability
  • Maximum weight limit of 50lbs per bench


  • An umbrella not included
  • Can have poor alignment

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6. Vidasway Kids Table and Chair Set

Many parents need portable furniture set to avoid inconveniences, especially in outdoor activities. Vidasway offers a multi-purpose and foldable three pcs for indoor and outdoor use. Each chair holds up to 100kg, meaning it suits your 18months to 5-year old kids.

The set comes in carrying case in which both the table and the chair fit hence portable. More so, the set folds up flat in the storage bag while not in use, therefore easy storage. Just use a damp cloth to clean it, which makes it more perfect for use in camping, picnics, and beach use.

The set is of Turquoise and purple color, which makes it very attractive and also gender-neutral.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • The set is portable and easy to clean
  • Multi-purpose for kids use
  • Holds up to 220 pounds


  • The size tends to be too small

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5. Heycargo Kids Activity Table Set 3-in-1

We consider the Heycargo 3-in-1 set to be among our top best because it’s multi-functional. It can work as a building brick table, craft table, water table with storage space. The kids can use it for drawing and crafts. Additionally, the interior space provides ample storage for craft supplies, water toys, building bricks, and much more, thus inspiring the creativity of your kid. More so, it is compatible with plastic building blocks and Duplo blocks. The two chairs are easy to rearrange and also configure. Its construction is also outstanding with storage area in the center where you can store building blocks when playtime is over.


  • Compatible with most building bricks
  • The removable tabletop makes it easy to adjust its functionality
  • Are of high quality, durable and non-toxic
  • Convenient storage space 


  • Doesn’t come with storage bag
  • Has no buckets for storage

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4. 67i Kids Activity Table

The 67i kids activity table is of durable and lightweight plastic that makes it suitable for toddlers to use. You only have to install the tablet feet, chair feet, and back as instructed in the manual.

The table features two surfaces, a smooth surface for general activities and a building blocks table play surface, thus, offering more fun activities to the kids. More so, you can convert the tabletop into a water table after removing the tabletop. Just fill it with water and toys and let the kids have more fun.

The table holds up to 130 lbs, whereas the chair can bear up to 90 lbs each. The table is of multiple-use that is a storage table, building table, and craft table to meet the kids’ needs.


  • Has multiple uses
  • Easy to install by using the included manual
  • 120 PC’s of building blocks included
  • The four storage box helps to keep the toys in place
  • Lightweight, durable and portable


  • Customers complain about weak construction
  • Tends to be too short

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3. UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Multi Activity Table

If you find the UTEX brand to be your favorite manufacturer, then you can top your list with the UTEX outdoor furniture. The tabletop surface is of a double-sided play board; hence you can convert it from a smooth surface table to a playtime table surface. Meaning your kids will build a perfect place for creativity. More so, it is easy to change from one play game to another. The construction panels on the table are compatible with most brand blocks. After use, you can place the building blocks in the drawer. The set includes two chairs, one table, and an under-table storage shelf, which makes it more convenient.

UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Multi Activity Table


  • The Espresso finish brings an elegant outlook to your decor
  • Provides an ideal space for reading, drawing, and sitting
  • Durable table of wood construction
  • Multi-purpose


  • The finish is not as durable as expected
  • The package may come with some parts damaged if not double-checked

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2. Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set

The Play Platoon is a 5-in-1 set that will keep your kids entertained for hours. It works as a building g block table, water table, sensory table, crafts table, and a storage unit. The set includes two chairs, 25 extra-large blocks for instant fun. More so, it is compatible and also a guaranteed fit for all major building block set. Its construction is also outstanding as it is durable, strong, and easy to switch from building block side to smooth side then water table. The interior provides a convenient storage space for craft supplies, building blocks, water toys, and much more. You can rely on this set as it suits from 18 months old baby and up.


  • Long-lasting and convenient for use
  • Removable table and chair legs for secure storage
  • Compatible with most building bricks
  • Multifunctional for various uses


  • The board is not an original LEGO hence the original LEGO pieces may not fit easily

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1. GobiDex 7-in-1 Multi Kids Activity Table Set

When it comes to the most accessories playable set, the GobiDex kid’s activity table has it all. The set includes four storage boxes, two chairs, a double-sided play board, 100 pcs big DIY building blocks. The building blocks are compatible with Duplo building block hence more fun and creative ideas for the child. The other side of the board can work as a perfect place for studying, eating, and much more. Additionally, it is the only set that grows with your child up to 8years old as it comes with four adjustable table risers, which makes it more convenient.

GobiDex 7-in-1 Multi Kids Activity Table Set


  • Sturdy, thick and stable structure
  • Multifunctional kids activity with as the table is double-sided
  • It’s of high quality, durable  and portable
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Not strong as expected

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When selecting outdoor furniture set for your kids, there are certain requirements that it must meet for it to be outstanding. That is the intended use, your budget, and it should meet your kid’s demands. Although each of them can put a smile on your child’s face, can it keep your kid busy for hours? Can it offer a place for them to play, eat, drink, and share their ideas with their friends?

Find a lightweight, portable, sturdy, and durable product that works best for both indoor and outdoor use to sharpen your kid’s creativity anywhere you go.

All you need is any of the furniture above, and we are confident it is worth the purchase.

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