Top 10 Bionic Trimmers For Your Perfect Lawn

Best Bionic Trimmers that can make your Lawn perfect

Lawn-maintenance is an art and gardening is a craft!

If the smallest area of lawn got distorted by unwanted weeds and dense grasses, it ruins the view. To avoid such unpleasant sight of your yard, lawn should be treated regularly with bionic trimmers from time to time. Recent developments in electrically-powered outdoor tools are about to replace conventional systems.

To keep your lawn or garden in a pleasant size and shape, you should be thinking to have a bionic grass trimmer and edge. You might have exhausted yourself reading about different grass trimmers and their features all over the place on internet. However, each new technology comes out with its own unaddressed challenges.

In the view of this, we are bringing the well versed list of best bionic Trimmers where every challenge is addressed and every feature is contemplated. Here you can choose with confidence from the top 10 list and you won’t regret going over and grabbing one from it!

Buying guide at end of the list has answers to all your questions.

1. Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer 128LD String

Why should your backyard have lawn only?

With Husqvarna trimmer128LD, your lawn would be as happening as outdoor garden. This Gas-run string trimmer features detachable head making it a multi-tasking tool. Whether you want to cut cereal grasses deep-rooted in the ground or cultivate the yard with beautiful flower-beds, it allows you to attach pole saw as well as tiller.

In addition, attachable edger can make your lawn area picture-perfect. This 28 cc, 2-stroke combustion engine driven Trimmer with an air purge option, see-through fuel tank and effortless starting optimizes its usability. Its 17” cutting width and Tap N Go line release technique could do justice to your cozy backyard-cum-garden.

Husqvarna 128LD String Trimmer


  • It can be used for cutting, edging and cultivating
  • Large effective width of head
  • Easy to operate and to replace trimmer line
  • Visible fuel tank


  • Tiller, cutter and edger are optional.
  • 11-pounds weight makes it difficult to carry for long time
  • It uses traditional fuel engine.

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09. Makita String Trimmer XRU02Z and Edger.

If you are a nature lover first, then a fan of Makita trimmer – XRU02Z powered with battery is made for you. It is but obvious that gardening using emission trimmer is contrary to the purpose!

Makita coordless hedge trimmer operates on easily available 18 V, 3 Ah Li-Ion battery. It features 180-degree rotating head and adjustable shaft that enhance its maneuverability. It powers motor up to torque of 7800 revolutions per minute. Despite its cutting width of just above 10 inches, cutting speed would compensate the overall time it saves you. XRU02Z is surprisingly weight only 7 pounds.

Makita trimmer gives you optimum performance for cutting and edging, provided that you are good at maintaining lawn more frequently than usual.

Makita XRU02Z Cordless String Trimmer and Edger


  • Eco-friendly and maintenance free
  • Ergonomic design
  • Makita Cordless weed trimmer is battery operated.
  • Makita Light weight grass trimmer is suitable for all age groups.
  • Edges can be crafted perfectly.


  • Not suitable for large area
  • Poor line release technique
  • Deep-rooted grass hard to cut.

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08. Black and Decker String Trimmer – ST8600 Bionic Trimmer and Edger

Black and Decker hedge trimmer is well-known for its design suitable to large area and long-time use. It uses household power source for hassle-free gardening for the time as long as your woud like.

Black and decker 5 amp trimmer and edgermotor runs at 7700 rpm without gradual decrease in speed over time. Black and decker 13 inch 40 volt trimmer features 13” effective cut diameter, enough to trim and to edge your farmhouse.

High power motor gives you substantial output when it is used to cut firm weeds or overgrowth. Black and decker string trimmer afs automatic feed spool technology definitely feeds the line whenever needed. You could make the most of its edge guide feature while edging, without being extra-attentive to the movements of Trimmer.

Peace of Mind trimming experience – all that you can expect when handling ST8600.

Black+Decker ST8600 Automatic Feed Trimmer and Edger


  • Automatic line release technology
  • Optimum speed and power performance
  • Cord retentive assembly for carefree movement of your Trimmer.
  • Edge guide for greater finishing
  • Tough stubble cut easily
  • Lightweight (5.35 pounds only)


  • Corded power source
  • String spool consuming quicker than expected.

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07. Craftsman Grass Trimmer 20V String Trimmer

There are Trimmers you can use to keep your Lawn in good shape and size. Then, there are trimmers meant to be used by those who have certain craft over a grass! Craftsman string trimmer 20V supports 4 Ah Li-Ion battery.

This bionic trimmer gives you flexibility to choose between power and runtime with dual mode speed settings. Telescopic adjustable pole enables you to cut rigid grasses comfortably. Line Feed is operated by push button. It features twisted line feed adding to its efficiency.

Its 13” swath capacity with power mode on, cut half the time you would have spent otherwise, using same capacity Gas-run heavy Trimmers. While using on soft grasses over your widespread lawn, extended run-time mode buys you time enough to cut weeds, to craft the edges and to trim well without fail!

Craftsman V20 Cordless String Trimmer


  • 2 modes of operation
  • High capacity Battery
  • Push button line advancement technique
  • Twisted Strings
  • Ergonomic structure
  • Easy to replace spool


  • Motor stopped at each trigger for line advancement.
  • Consume spool quickly.

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6. Greenworks Hedge Trimmer – Gear Reduced String Trimmer.

Greenworks string trimmer ST40B211 cordless trimmer is specially designed for lawn spread across large area. Greenwork 40V trimmer comes with 2 Ah Li-ion battery capacity.

It features 12” cutting width. Greenwork hedge trimmer Battery transmits high power to Torqdrive motor that needed to chop off dense grasses and weeds with ease. It uses Aluminum shaft to cut lose its weight (4.8 Pounds). Top of the shaft with cushioned handle can be twisted according to your need and comfort.

Bump feed line advancement mechanism is quite sturdy compared to other counterparts. If you are looking for easy to operate, lightweight Trimmer to maintain the lawn at your ranch, this Greenworks product delivers the performance for long-lasting trimming and edging activity.


  • High capacity battery with lesser charging time
  • Simple but efficient for dense overgrowth.
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable handle


  • It’s not height-adjustable

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5. Black and Decker String Trimmer LSTE525 Wheeled Edger.

Black and Decker string trimmer hasn’t taken a single feature for granted. You just need to ask for any feature and this LSTE525 won’t disappoint you.

When you get 2 batteries having capacity of 20 V 1.5 Ah along with this trimmer, you might be overwhelmed by Black+Decker. Moreover, you can’t thank enough for its dual mode operation coupled with Power Drive Transmission that gives you an upper hand while cutting over all kind of surface.

Black and Decker string trimmer comes with other full-fledged features like 12” swath diameter, the push of a button line release technique, adjustable shaft, cushioned handle and twist-to-edge.

When you start edging with a wheel rolling over pathways or landscapes, its performance never falls short of expectations! You can’t resist to use it!


  • It is a full package
  • Lightweight: 6.30 pounds
  • Wheeled Edger


  • Low Battery capacity
  • Difficult to cut very dense grass or weeds.

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4. Worx String Trimmer Line WG170 3-in-1

Worx String trimmer multi-purpose Cordless Grass Trimmer is furnished with head of 12” cutting diameter, push-button line feeder and a safety guard. It is designed to make your yard a piece of precision.

It can be used as trimmer, edger and a mini mower without changing a bit of cutting component. Its lightweight assembly of telescopic shaft gives operator freedom to choose, most convenient posture, out of its 7 maneuverable positions.

Transition to wheel supported edger is quite easy with pull and lock mechanism. It comes with two 20 V 2 Ah Lithium battery with charger. Your lawn maintenance won’t be interrupted as you never get tired of carrying 5.5 pounds mini-mower.

Trimmer head is designed to pivot at 90 degree aiding to its trimming and mowing efficiency while moving over slopes. Worx string trimmer WG170 is tailored by its design, to give you blissful experience doing your yard work on those weary working days!

Worx WG170 3-in-1 String Trimmer


  • Lightweight
  • Pivot able head
  • Comfort adjustments
  • Dual wheel support
  • 2 batteries with charger


  • Motor Torque is less effective.
  • It takes more time to trim around your garden, as energy loss is higher than usual.

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3. Greenworks Trimmer G Max Cordless String

This battery powered Greenworks trimmer heavy-duty G Max is one-point solution of every kind of overgrowths, dense weeds, stubbles, debris and what not!

When 40 Volt 2 Ah high power battery energized brushless motor, this trimmer doesn’t show mercy over any size of unwanted weeds! It features 14” cutting width that is utilized fully with support of high energy components.

Moreover, it is attachment capable, compatible to gas attachments and 13 other tools, too. It is an ultimate weapon that can be used as Mower, Trimmer, Cutter or edger on every kind of lawn.

From backyard to ranch and from residential to commercial, G Max can do wonders to your garden!


  • Power performance
  • It comes with battery and charger
  • Lightweight compared to same capacity Gas Trimmer/high power electric trimmer
  • Can be used with other attachments


  • Not for routine trimming or edging
  • Someone might fine it heavy (approx. 13 pounds)

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02. Worx WG163.9 Cordless Trimmer and Edger

Simple and classic! Worx WG163.9 is 2-in-1 battery operated grass trimmer that comes with essential features only. It supports 20V battery. It features cutting diameter of 12”. It is designed to keep your townhouse yard net and clean. Unit contains safe guard around head. It enables you to augment appearance of flower-beds or sideways without getting them cut. It uses Command Feed technique with push-button to initiate line advancement. Shaft and handle are designed to adjust trimmer as per your convenience. Its head can be tilted to 90 degree. It ensures proper trimming over uneven terrain. Worx WG163.9 is not meant to compete with any other trimmers. It is fabricated in a way that anyone can put it at work and none would find slightest trouble. This trimmer quietly accomplishes given task irrespective to the operator’s skill.


  • Fulfill all your needs for privileged courtyard adjoining to dweller.
  • Lightweight (5.5 pounds)
  • Balanced edging with dual wheel support


  • Unit doesn’t come with battery and charger.

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01. Black and Decker Powerful Trimmer and Edger

Finally, Black+Decker found a middle ground between power and usability with its LST136B Trimmer and Edger. It features 13” swath diameter. It is compatible to 40 V as well as 36 V Lithium battery. High capacity armature gives optimum performance transmitting energy to rotor through its Power Drive.

It is as effective as other heavy-duty Trimmers on firm weeds, stems, dense grasses, etc. It uses proven Automatic Feed Spool technology for better control over line advancement. It is easily convertible to edger with edging guide.

Power mode and battery saver mode contribute to quality trimming and edging. Without extravagant features, this Black and Decker trimmer is making a statement with its simplicity in design and significance in outcome.

*** It emerges as a silent winner.

Black+Decker Powerful Trimmer and Edger


  • Its compatibility with 2 type of high capacity batteries
  • Two modes of operation
  • Lightweight (6.4 pounds)


  • Battery and charger not included

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Bionic Trimmer Buying Guide

Grass trimmer is essential apparatus. Whether it is small backyard, lawn at entrance or garden nearby your house or shelter, you have to conserve it properly. When it comes to choosing most suitable tool for gardening, one might find every trimmer out there that can do just about anything to fullfill indivdual needs!

It is a fact however that most of the trimmers hold similar key features. Consequently, it became prominent to choose the trimmer based upon experience with previously owned brand, but that wouldn’t turn out to be a wise decision every time.

If you get into details of some trimmers, you would definitely be able to select better one that could enhance your gardening experience.

Let me come up with some ideas to help you find your best match.

You will agree that Lawn maintenance at your town house differs from that of farmhouse OR if you are simply just camping out. You should use this distinctive approach to decide right trimmer. For instance, 17” cutting width doesn’t put you in any advantageous position if you have small cozy yard.

If it is a part of your home that needs regular maintenance to keep it kids-friendly, cordless trimming would become more fun and less cumbersome. Same way you might not need to use high power 40 V battery for regular trimming/edging.

On the other hand, lawn at your countryside weekend house or vacation home would have developed overgrowth and weeds. Though you need to sparkle the garden during vacation only, you would have to cut some really tough grasses.

As corded trimmer is more efficient due to lesser power dissipation through household power source, it is more convenient option for long-lasting harder gardening. If you are not good handler of supplying cable, then you should use high-voltage battery compatible cordless trimmer.

Height-adjustable and ergonomically sound design play important role if trimmer is intended to be used by others. If you are the only one to use, then height-adjustment of shaft lose its virtue to be called as an important feature!

It becomes merely a personal choice. There is no dearth of well-equipped trimmers out there in the market. But keep in mind, which feature is distinctive that could fit into your exact née? Great feature is considered great when utilized properly! That’s a difference between

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