Best Boho Curtains For Bohemian Style Décor

Top 10 Best Boho Window Curtains

Boho Curtains have gained popularity in the last couple of years as a free-spirited design style in the home décor segment.

Bohemian style (or boho style) décor dates back to the hippie-era of the ‘60s and ‘70s and is often defined by its lacking uniformity.

This style is a combination of the present-day rich ethnic cultures and patterns having influences of but aren’t limited to India, Morocco, and Asia, and the old world vintage styles.

Curtains are usually used as a base when the bedrooms are decorated in the boho décor as they provide the most obvious choice for bohemian window treatments.

Various designs such as netted curtains, drape curtains, and the classic white curtains add an elegant touch of style, make the room give a breezy and fresh feeling, and add a strong statement to a room bold textures and colors.

Patterns, colors, and textures are mixed and matched to bring on bold looks and brilliance to a boho room.

They add flair to a room, give a feeling to match the natural light, and bring on coziness that defines this particular style.

White color plays a significant role, and it reminds us that the window treatments don’t have to be always bold.

White drapery is used to offer a clean and soft touch to the boho décor.

The woven wall hangings are the first to come in mind, followed by the lightweight and breezy bed hangings.

I’ve put together this list of bedroom curtain ideas inspired by the bohemian décor.

Apart from this list, one can find plenty of collection to suit the needs if one is looking forward to using bohemian style drapes and curtains.

But this carefully selected and well-crafted list is the one which has been finalized after carrying out thorough research and can be brought to light whenever its need arises, and there is limited time availability.

Are you ready to bring about changes and make some adjustments to your home?

Get ready for some bohemian style inspiration for the window treatments and much more as you hop on to this selection journey.

1. Lush Decor Bohemian Stripe Window Boho Curtain

This boho stripe window curtain is perfect for the bohemian décor that comes with serene floral designs and geometric striped patterns.

It has stunning jewel tones that stand out in this globally-inspired design and make it perfect for all ages.

It’s soft, made from 100 percent polyester fabric, and has a bold and unique design to enhance the space.

The dimensions of a single panel are 84”x 52,” and the boho curtains come as a set of two panels.

Lush Decor Lush Décor, Turquoise and Orange boho window curtains Colorful Bold Design Panel Pair, 84" x 52", 84" Long x 52" Wide

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s perfect for brightening up any living room, bedroom, or dining room.
  • It gives the feeling of a rainbow and brightens the home with countless colors and beautiful patterns that define its many arcs.
  • Its bright colors add loads of energy to the room and therefore, can be used in many décor styles.
  • Its care can be taken quickly.

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2. Greenland Home Astoria Curtain

It’s made from 100 percent polyester, and the set includes two panels and also two tie backs.

The dimensions are 42”x 84,” but it’s available in three different lengths.

The installation is an easy process with a three-inch rod pocket.

Greenland Home Astoria boho curtains Panel Set, 84-inch L, White

Pros & Benefits:

  • It gently protects from the sun and provides increased privacy.
  • It’s durable and is excellent for everyday use due to its composition of polyester.
  • They enhance the beauty of the bedroom, living room, or guest room while filtering the light and noise at the same time.

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3. Barefoot Bungalow Olympia Boho Curtain

The brand comes with a motto of travel lightly, adventure wildly, and call everywhere home.

It offers various styles to choose from, for it comes in many different patterns and forms.

This curtain is made from 100 percent polyester, and the set includes two panels and two tiebacks.

It features indigo, turquoise, sienna, coffee bean, and mimosa on a papyrus ground.

It comes with a solid liner for enhanced privacy and protection from the sun.

Panel pairs and valances are separately sold, giving the freedom to customers to mix and match.

Window valances add grace to the kitchen and bathroom windows while providing shade and privacy at the same time.

Barefoot Bungalow Olympia Curtain Panel Pair

Pros & Benefits:

  • It adds on to the privacy and filters light throughout the light hours of the day.
  • It’s used as a coordinating décor and accentuates whether it’s used in the bedroom or the living room.
  • It’s durable because of its microfiber polyester and great for everyday use.

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4. Hughapy Pastoral Lace Tie Up Shade Boho Curtain

The curtain is made from a high-quality polyester-cotton blend, which makes it soft to touch and provides an elegant look.

The bottom of the curtain is hand-knitted that brings more of a pastoral look of the room.

The soft voile drapes allow the light to enter the room while providing privacy at the same time.  

Hand crochet patterns elevate the surroundings and bring a more elegant look.

The height of the tie-up shade boho curtains can be adjusted using the C hook, and with it, one can make a beautiful design that one desires.

Hughapy Pastoral Lace Tie Up Shade boho curtains 58 by 69 inch Length Adjustable Balloon Manual Hook Flower Shade Curtains Christmas Decor, Off-White

Pros & Benefits:

  • This beautiful window curtain gives a rustic life look.
  • It can be used as a folding screen, partition wall, or a bridal veil.
  • It’s ideal to be used in a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or living room.

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5. Thermal Room Darkening Medallion Pattern Boho Window Curtain

This curtain is made by using 100 percent polyester, which makes it incredibly soft to touch.

It’s made of triple weave fabric that filters the sunlight and regulates the temperature of the room.

Pure white is the background color that features a pastel damask print.

Blackout liner has to be used to block over 95 percent light.

It comes with silver metal grommets, which are extremely strong and slides easily onto the curtain rod for an easy and quick installation.

DriftAway Samantha Thermal Room Darkening Grommet Unlined boho window curtains Floral Damask Medallion Pattern 2 Panels Each 52 Inch by 84 Inch Blue

Pros & Benefits:

  • It provides a classically elegant and sophisticated look and is perfect for bedroom, living room, kids room, dining room, or any indoor and outdoor space.
  • Its light blue color provides a natural feeling to the home.

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6. Lush Décor Avon Boho Window Curtain

This curtain is of great value to those looking for modern, shabby chic or farmhouse décor.   It’s made using 100 percent polyester and is sold as a single curtain which measures 84”x 54”.

It has a ruffle embroidery pattern that is all over, which creates a textured curtain ideal for the living room, bedroom, and dining room.  This curtain isn’t lined and has a 3” rod pocket panel.

The rod pocket gives two options for installation; first is to hang it by sliding the curtain onto the rod pocket, and second is to hang it with clip rings.

This panel should only be dry cleaned because of its delicate ruffle details.

Lush Decor Avon boho window curtains Ivory Panel for Living, Dining Room, Bedroom (Single), 84" 54"

Pros & Benefits:

  • Its semi-sheer design and non-lining allows plenty of natural light to enter the room while providing ample privacy from outside the home at the same time.
  • The ruffle running from top to bottom gives the dire elegance that can’t be left without catching its sight.
  • It can be used anywhere, whether that be any space because of its luxurious texture.

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7. Paisley Damask Print Boho Curtain

The eye-catching colors are bold, and with a paisley damask pattern, bring on a mix of boho and modern style curtain.

It’s a two-panel curtain set and ideal to brighten up any living room, bedroom, and dining room.

Each panel measures 84-inch length and 52-inch widthalong with a 2” header.

This curtain set is available in various color options, including gray and yellow, turquoise and tangerine, and navy and tangerine.

Turquoise and Tangerine Valance may be used to satisfy aesthetic sensibilities and tastes.

The metal grommets allow the easy installation of the boho curtains with a curtain rod.

Some natural light is allowed to come through these boho curtains.

Lush Decor Clara boho curtains Paisley Damask Print Bohemian Style Room Darkening Window Panel Set for Living, Dining, Bedroom (Pair), 84" x 52", Turquiose & Tangerine

Pros & Benefits:

  • These room darkening window boho curtains filter some portion of the light and heat.
  • The color combination available satisfies the tranquility and brings forward a peaceful mood.
  • The paisley and damask print, along with the bright colors, pop up on the white background and brings a perfect addition to the bohemian style space.
  • It helps in the regulation of the temperature in the room all year round.
  • They help in providing ample privacy from outside and also blocking the outside noise.

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8. Vintage Boho Floral Pattern Blackout Boho Curtain

It contains microfiber polyester and is made of triple-weave pure blackout fabric with no chemical coating.

It’s sold as an individual panel, and the package contains a beautiful tie up curtain that is made with 4” rod pocket.

Its size is 63-inch length and 42-inch width.

There are three ways to hang this curtain, and they include hanging them as rod pocket regular curtain, curtain valance, and as tie up shade with any height that one may prefer.

One can create a dramatic look by tying the functional straps at different heights.

This curtain is perfect for the breakfast room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

It conceals the curtain rod and other window hardware to provide an overall neat appearance.

It’s sewed with 2” bottom hem, 1” side hem, and 4” pocket rod to accommodate up to a 2” curtain rod perfectly and provide an overall neat appearance.

H.VERSAILTEX Thermal Insulated Blackout boho curtains Adjustable Tie Up Shade Rod Pocket Panel for Small Window-42 Wide by 63" Long-Vintage Floral Pattern in Sage and Brown

Pros & Benefits:

  • It blocks 90 percent sunlight and prevents 100 percent UV rays to enter.
  • It’s environmentally friendly and vinyl free.
  • It’s thermally insulated, reduces the noise, and provides privacy protection.
  • It gives high performance on darkening the room and avoids the bright sunbeams from hurting the eyes.

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9. Ornamental Floral Folk Art Abstract Boho Curtain

It’s made from a silky satin polyester blend of high quality, which provides an elegant look. The measurement of two curtain panels is 84-inches long and 108-inches wide.

It’s ideal for a bedroom, living room, dining room, kids room, and dormitories. Its colorful and vibrant designs add a great perspective to the overall look of the room.

It completely changes the look and appearance of the home without adding on a significant expense.

Ambesonne boho curtains, Geometric Pattern with Ornamental Floral Folk Art Abstract, Living Room Bedroom Window Drapes 2 Panel Set, 108" X 84", Blue Cream

Pros & Benefits:

  • Its size is perfect for most bedrooms and living rooms.
  • The bold graphics printed using state of the art digital printing technology adds on a great perspective. 
  • They help in transforming the room into a private sanctuary.
  • It matches well with furniture, different color rugs, and various other home décor accessories.
  • It’s environmentally friendly because no dye substance is used that may harm the health of the individuals.

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10. Blue Cynthia Jacobean Floral Design Boho Curtain

This curtain is 100 percent polyester made with a blue Jacobean floral design.

It measures 63”x 52” along with a 2” header.

A 3” rod pocket is readily sewn for quick and easy installation, and the curtain isn’t lined.

They may be hanged using clip rings instead of hanging them from the curtain rod.

Lush Decor, Blue Cynthia Jacobean Darkening boho window curtains Panel Set for Living, Dining Room, Bedroom (Pair), 63" L

Pros & Benefits:

  • This room darkening curtain filters some portion of light and heat, making it concealed while allowing some natural light to pass through, keeping it radiant.
  • It adds on a dreamy and elegant touch to the living room, bedroom, dining room, and guest room.
  • Its care is effortless as it’s safe to machine wash with similar colors.

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When it comes to windows, different aspects such as design aesthetics, style, and functionality are looked into before making the final call. Window treatment can make the home a more comfortable place. We have seen that the essential elements to be considered when choosing bohemian décor window treatments are pattern, color, and texture.

A bohemian style gives an eclectic, fun, and vibrant look by creating a mismatched design. White boho curtains are used to provide bolder looks, and they stand out more from the more colorful curtains of the boho style.

Any of the above-shared curtains would work wonderfully and elegantly in a boho themed room. One can either quickly draw inspiration from these carefully selected picks, or choose to complete the boho room perfectly.

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