Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Women

Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Women to provide comfort without breaking your bank

Let’s be honest.

Choosing the best sleeping bag for girls isn’t easy.

Not only do you have to keep their color choices in consideration, but you also have to make sure it complements their style. Then there is the comfort factor, without which any sleeping bag isn’t just worth the effort. And most importantly, the price tag comes into play.

Don’t want to make so much effort?

You don’t have to, for we have done it for you. Scroll down, and you’d have the best sleeping bag you’d ever need.

Best Overall Sleeping Bag ~ Wenzel Backyard Mummy Sleeping Bag

Want a sleeping bag which is as comfortable in your backyard as it is in a campsite? The Wenzel Sleeping Bag does just that, thanks to its Insul-Therm technology. This technology allows the bag to retain all heat, meaning you could use it on cold nights as well.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you couldn’t use it in warmer climates. For it has a 2-ways main zipper which allows venting options inside the bag, and a drawstring hood which keeps both sunlight and minor rain out of it.

Finally, to suit your style options, this bag comes in a combo of purple and gray. And to make sure you can carry it anywhere you go, it lets you stuff it into a compact carry sack, hence making it ultra-portable.

Wenzel Backyard Girls 30-Degree Sleeping Bag ~ Best Budget Sleeping Bags for women


  • Ultra-portable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Has a drawstring hood and Velcro closure zipper


  • Doesn’t have a drawstring to adjust its tightness

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Runner-Up Trendy Sunglasses ~ Wenzel Moose Sleeping Bag

Impressed with the Wenzel Backyard but want something extra? You get it with the Moose and its extended weight rating. For, while the Backyard has a temperature rating of 30 degree Celsius, the Moose would keep you comfortable even when it’s 40 degrees out there.

What’s more, if the night gets extremely cold, the Moose gives you the option to turn it into a warm blanket. All you have to do is to unzip it, and zip the Moose in the backward direction, and it would keep you cozy.

Finally, in contrast to the cheap girl sleeping bags – whose zippers give way on the first hint of abuse – the Moose has a self-repairing coil zipper which is durable. Add to this its stuff sack which lets you carry around the bag with ease, and the Moose is a must-have.

Wenzel Moose Boys 40 Degree Sleeping Bag ~ Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Women


  • Can turn it into a warm blanket
  • Rated for 40 degrees
  • Self Repairing Coil Zipper


  • Has ‘’Boy’’ printed on it

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Wildkin Sleeping Bag

If you can afford to spend a bit over the odds, the Wildkin Sleeping bag deserves your attention. Made for indoor use, the Wildkin has an exterior blend of cotton and polyester – whereas its interior is 100% flannel. This unique combo allows you to use the Wildkin in all-weather conditions.

Also, if you plan on having a barbecue in the woods, the fact that the Wildkin is flame-resistant means you won’t have to worry about it. And even if it gets dirty out there, the fact that the Wildkin is machine washable means it would be easy to clean.

Justifying its price tag, Wildkin has provided this sleeping bag with lots of accessories; the most important of which is a matching travel pillow and a storage bag. Then there is its versatility, with the Wildkin offering different licensed prints for both boys and girls.


  • Flame-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Versatile; comes in many colors
  • Usable in all weather patterns


  • Slightly more Expensive, but overall better Quality

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Wildkin Green Camo ~ Budget Sleeping Bag

Non-inflammable as well as lead-free, the Green Camo follows all CPSIA guidelines, hence ensuring its safety for your loved ones. The interior of the bag has a 100% polyester filling which ensures breathability and warmth for its users.

One area where we think the Wildkin could have done a bit better is its size range. For, while the other sleeping bags in this review have a considerable size range, the 5ft size range of the Green Camo suggests that only kids could use it.

However, if you have a baby girl, the bag is worth a shot. It provides a matching travel pillow in the package and weighs just 4.9 pounds plus you could stuff it into a carry sack. Add to this its machine washability – though we recommend using cold water in the process, and this bag is a serious competitor.

Wildkin Green Camo ~ Sleeping Bag for Women with Budget in mind


  • Inflammable
  • Lead and phthalate free
  • Offers good breathability and warmth


  • Limited Size Range

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Western Mountaineering UltraLite

Designed to be used in cold weather, the UltraLite sleeping bag has draft tubes which block the outside chill and a full down collar which would wrap snugly around your neck to prevent any cold air from coming inside.

It has a water-resistant, breathable shell which would keep you dry in the event of mild rain or condensation at night. And to make sure that the bag remains tight, its exterior has continuous baffles which would keep it snug around your body.

Finally, if you think that the bag would be heavyweight since it provides so much warmth, its 1lb weight forces you to think again. Its reduced weight is due to the baffles which encircle the whole bag and compress it, hence reducing its overall weight and volume.

Western Mountaineering Ultralight Budget Sleeping Bag ~ Best Budget Sleeping Bags


  • Extra-lightweight
  • Designed for cold weather
  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable


  • Slightly prier than other collections

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Coleman Youth Sleeping Bag

So what is so special about the Coleman Youth Sleeping Bag? For starters, its temperature range. While most other sleeping bags are only for winters, the Youth, with its 45 degrees F rating, is equally useful in summers as well.

Then there is its size range; with the Youth’s 5’5’’ height rating means that the majority of girls would find it useful. To hold the face of the Youth in place, Coleman has provided it with a soft cuff, which not only maintains the shape of this sleeping bag but also provides softness to it.

If the weather out there starts to get a bit chilly, the Thermotech trademark insulation of the Youth will kick in. Then there are the tuck pockets, which allow you to keep your accessories in them, before securing the same with a zipper.

Finally, if you are a person who only settles for the night while trekking, you’d love the snag-free zipper of the Youth. It allows you to combine the Youth with a second sleeping bag, which means you could carry both in the same sack.

However, if you are worried that the Youth won’t do what it claims, the fact that it comes with a five-year warranty means you’ve nothing to lose.

Coleman Youth Sleeping Bag ~ Budget Sleeping Bag for Women


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Provides super coverage of the eyes
  • Has life time money back guarantee


  • May leave some black marks on the face

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Sleeping Bag by Reveal Camp 

The RevalCamp Sleeping bag comes in a wide range of colors – including lilac, purple and Lavender violet – and its weather-resistant design makes it suitable for a wide range of climates. As for its size, you couldn’t go wrong with the RevalCamp, as its 6’1’’ range means only the extra-tall girls won’t find it useful.

Whether you use it in extremely cold conditions – or keep it under blistering sunlight, the fact that all of its colors are fadeless means the RevalCamp would retain its originality. More importantly, it has a 200g filling of polyester which allows the RevalCamp to resist UV radiations with ease.

One thing you might want to note – as it could affect your decision – is the weight of the RevalCamp. For, while its manufacturer claims it is ultra-lightweight, we think having a 2 pounds weight means that the RevalCamp is on the heavier side.

That said, with a 365-day satisfaction guarantee in its tow – during which you could return the bag with no questions being asked – we still think that bag would suit you provided you luggage is on the lighter side.

Sleeping Bag by RevealCamp ~ Best Budget Sleeping Bags


  • Fadeless colors make it usable for all-weather conditions
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Comes with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee


  • Weighs 2 pounds

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Kelty Little Tree Sleeping Bag

Undoubtedly the best feature of the Kelty Little Tree is its versatile, all-weather flip hood. Versatile it is because you could set free the hood on warm nights to make space for more ventilation. And if you start feeling a bit chilly, you can put the flip hood back to use.

One area where the Kelty Little Tree put other sleeping bags to shame is its temperature rating. While the majority of them could only keep you comfortable at or above 30 degrees F – with some even stopping at 45* F like the Coleman – the Kelty Little Tree has a temperature rating of 20*F. It means you can use it in extra-cold conditions as well.

Supplemented with a slider, this bag contains a combination of lock slider and blanket zipper in the package. And regardless of the time it stays packed, the anti-snag design of the Little Tree will make sure the bag retains its original shape when you unpack it again.

Finally, like all the best sleeping bags out there, the Kelty Little Tree offers a stuff sack in the package. Add to it the blanket zipper and lock sider, and packing this bag is a cinch.


  • Holds perfectly on ears
  • Ideal for outdoors activities
  • Has a scratch resistant frame
  • Very durable


  • Very tight on the face
  • Breaks if not properly handled

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Big Scout 30 Degree

Want to stay warm even at sub-zero temperatures? The Big Scout, with its 100% polyester insulation, has a temperature rating of -1C. It won’t make any cold spots either as this sleeping bag has two layers both of which are offset from each other to prevent the same.

Once you have made this sleeping bag warm with your body heat, its draft tube will make sure that the bag retains the heat.  Available in the form of zipper, the draft tube exists throughout the length of the bag. And in addition to preventing heat loss, it also prevents cold air from coming inside the bag.

This sleeping bag will keep your feet comfortable thanks to its trapezoidal foot box. This foot box has a design which complements the shape of human feet, hence making sure feet remain in a natural position once placed inside the foot box.

Finally, if you buy the Big Scout, you won’t have to keep on adjusting your pillow throughout the night. Instead, it comes with a built-in pillow pocket which ensures the correct position of the pillow on its own.

Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Women - Big Scout 30 Degree


  • -1C temperature rating
  • Draft tube retains heat and keeps cold air out
  • Built-in pillow pocket
  • No cold spots


  • The stuff sack is pretty small; you’ve to pack the bag tight to fit inside the sack

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Camel Camping Sleeping Bag

Starting with its design, and the Camel Sleeping Bag’s adjustability is its unique selling point. It has a drawstring running throughout the bag which lets you adjust its tightness for comfort. Juxtapose it with the sleeping bag’s barrel-shaped design, and you can adjust the Camel Camping for maximum freedom.

Moving on, and it is safe to say that multifunctionality is another virtue of this bag. While its use as a sleeping bag is a given, you could also turn it into a quilt as well as a mat. And if you want to share your sleeping space with your friend, it also allows mutual splicing with any other sleeping bag.

Of all the bags in this review, only the Camel Camping is waterproof, which means that mild rains won’t be able to disturb it. It also has a zipper which allows you to adjust the air permeability of the Camel to suit your needs.

That said, its rating of 15*C means you cannot use the Camel Camping Sleeping Bag in extra-cold climates.

Camel Camping Sleeping Bag ~ Best Budget Sleeping Bags


  • Multi-functional; can be used as quilt or a mat
  • Water-repellent
  • Zipper allows air permeability
  • Tightness is adjustable due to the drawstring


  • No fit for extra cold climates

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