Best Body Fat Scale ~ Most Accurate Bathroom Scales

Best Body Fat Scales for Women

When accuracy matters to help you continue on with your goals of Weight loss, you need an accurate Body Fat Scale

It isn’t enough.  An ordinary weight scale, that is.

Despite providing an accurate picture of overall body weight, it misses out on other important information like body fat, water and bone mass, and muscle weight. And even if your overall weight was going down, it doesn’t mean that you are actually losing fat.

So what should you do?

Invest in the best body fat scales. By giving you better information about the composition of your body, they enable you to track your progress and give a better picture of your health.

Best Overall ~ Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Compare it with the Fitbit Aria, and you’d know that Withings Smart Body Analyzer leads the race by offering more readings. It does that by providing information about your body weight, heart rate, BMI, body fat, temperature and even the quality of air around you.

It supports up to eight users and could handle weight up to 396 pounds. Every time a user steps on the Withings, it automatically uploads their information to an online account. You can also let Withings sync the same info with around 60 compatible apps, and it also lets you download a small number of third-party apps for free.

One unique feature of this model is the fact that it tracks air quality in your surroundings. This info is crucial for users who want to measure their sleep quality, as the quality of air plays an important part in how well (or worse) we sleep. And finally, while all of your information on the Withings would be password protected, it also gives the option of sharing your progress on various social media platforms.

That’s why we gave this best overall ranking and we would consider it to one of the Best Body Fast scales on the market.

Best Body Fat Scales ~ Withings Smart Body Analyzer


  • Measures BMI, heart rate, overall weight, temperature and air quality
  • Supports up to eight users and automatically updates info wirelessly
  • Allows to download some third-party apps for free
  • Provides both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Even though this Product is well worth the price, some consumers may find this is slightly on the pricey side.

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Runner-Up ~ Body Fat Scale ~ 1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Don’t want to spend over the odds on a body fat scale?

The under $30 price tag of the 1byone Bluetooth which is one of the best Body Fat Scale would suit you perfectly. Its reduced price tag hasn’t stopped the 1-by-one from providing eight different readings, including your BMR and visceral fat, and it relies on Bluetooth to connect to an app on your smartphone to upload data.

Ridiculing the dirt-cheap price tag of this body fat scale is its weight limit as well as the number of users it could handle. For,  while the majority of scales in this review have a weight limit of 300 pounds with support for ‘’only’’ eight users, the 1byone leads the pack by holding up to 400lbs and supporting the data of 10 users.

The best thing about this fat scale is its app, and how it lets you achieve your goals. For instance, it displays your data in graphical form – and provides lists of the things you need to work on to achieve your goal. In this way, you get a virtual personal trainer free of cost with the 1byone.

BodyFatScales ~ Best Body Fat Scales for Women ~ 1byone BlueTooth Body Fat Scale


  • Inexpensive
  • Relatively high weight capacity and supports more users
  • Provides eight different readings in both graphical and listicle form
  • Has a baby mode


  • Not usable with a pacemaker
  • Won’t sync with Fitbit or any other 3rd party app

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Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

If you are looking for a versatile fat scale which can measure your weight, BMI, and body fat percentage, the Fitbit Area deserves your attention. Despite boasting an all-glass construction – which might raise doubts in your mind about its sturdiness, the bubble-like protrusions on its back make the Fitbit Aria high-quality.

The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale can be used by eight users at one time, and it allows you to track your information by consistently and automatically updating it on your Fitbit account. That said, it requires creating a Fitbit account before you start using the Aria.

The best thing about the Aria is its web-based interface that tracks your daily or weekly progress. It then compares it with a calorie counter to tell you how good (or bad) you’re doing. Finally, it also provides specialized meal intake tips and workouts for every user.

Best Body Fat Scales ~ FitBit Aria Wifi Smart Scale ~ Best MakeUpLooks


  • Measures BMI, Overall weight, and Body Fat Percentage
  • Sturdy design thanks to bubble-like protrusions on the back
  • User-intuitive app and web-based interface
  • Provides specialized tips against preset goals


  • Integration with third-party apps isn’t up to the mark
  • Won’t offer heart rate

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Good Body Fat Scale ~ Smart Body Fat Scale

In addition to showing your weight, the Smart Body Fat Scale gives five more results including lean mass, body fat, water weight, bone mass, and BMI. It has four sensors which deliver weight with an exciting accuracy of within 0.2 pounds. And just like the Fitbit Aria and Withings, up to eight users can use this fat scale at one time.

Unlike some cheap fat scales in the market, the Smart Body won’t require you to take out your phone every time you want to look at some info regarding your body. Instead, thanks to the four AAA batteries which keep the scale running, you could view every info that it provides on the scale’s screen.

As you might expect, this body fat offers a smartphone app in the package. It lets you track your daily progress by providing information in chart form, gives you the freedom to set goals, and will automatically upload your data to the scale’s app for future reference. That said, the fact that it doesn’t track daily calorie intake might be a potential deal breaker for some.

BlueToot Smart Body Fat Scale ~ Best Body Fat Scales


  • Measures BMI, body fat and five additional results
  • Lets you set goals and track your daily progress via its app
  • Syncs with a large number of popular Fitness apps
  • Comes with a mammoth 5-year warranty


  • Cannot be used in the bathroom or any other slip-surface for that matter
  • No Calorie in-take feature

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Tanita BC533

While it isn’t as famous as Fitbit or Withings, the Tanita BC533 leaves both the scales behind with its impressive feature set. For, while it offers the usual weight, body fat, and heart rate, Tanita leads the race by providing everything from bone mass and muscle mass to metabolic age, body water, and even physique rating.

One area, however, where the BC533 lags behind its counterparts is the maximum number of users that it could support. It provides support for only four users at one time, which is four users less than both the Fitbit Aria and Withings fat scales.

Making up for this shortcoming is the app which has four modes – guest, adult, athlete and even child – to increase the utility of the BC533. Then there is the amount of weight it could support, with the BC533’s 336 pounds weight limit the most of any fat scale we have reviewed thus far.


  • Provides nine measurements including metabolic age and physique rating
  • Four different modes for athletes, adults, guests, and even children
  • Weight capacity of up to 330 lbs.


  • Supports only four users
  • Doesn’t provide heart rate reading

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Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Costing slightly more than the 1byone scale, the Renpho Bluetooth Fat Scale justifies its slightly inflated price by providing 11 different readings. Inside the readings, you’d get measurements like fat-free body weight, basal and protein metabolism which most other fat scales could only dream of.

The scale has visibly positioned sensors which make it easy for you to accurately position your feet. It relies on four electrodes and highly-precise sensors to deliver information, has a weight limit of 400lbs. and supports an unlimited number of users.

The most important aspect of the Renpho fat scale is the ease that it offers to its users. For instance, even when the app isn’t connected to the scale, it would still provide information using Bluetooth, before uploading the data when you connect the app again to the scale.


  • Provides Eleven measurements
  • Supports unlimited number of users
  • Compatible with a large number of third-party apps such as Fitbit and Apple Health
  • Brilliantly positioned sensors make it easy to adjust feet properly


  • Can’t view the BMI and body fat on the scale
  • Not for pregnant mothers or for those with a pacemaker

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Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

Though not a household name, the fact that Yunmai is currently serving over half-a-million customer proves its usefulness. It provides ten different measurements which include everything from overall weight to body fat and hydration to BMI and bone mass. It also allows you to sync this information with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit apps.

Once you download its app, setting up Yunmai is a cinch. All you have to do is to select your name, gender, age, and height, and it would set up your profile within 10 seconds. In case you are wondering, all these info would be useful in the long run when the Yunmai will automatically dictate who, from the allowed 16-user limit, is stepping up on it.

Finally, while some other scales require you to weight up to 20 seconds before displaying information, the Yunmai would do the same in just two seconds. Its app not only displays all the ten health indicators but could also show them in the form of visual reports or graphical patterns if you want.


  • Measures ten health indicators using its BIA technology
  • Compatible with Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit
  • Downtime of just over 2 seconds
  • Displays info in the form of graphical as well as visual reports


  • This body fat scale won’t tell heart rate

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Balance Body Fat Scale

The Balance Body Fat Scale analyzes your body composition by incorporating six key metrics. It has BIA technology which allows the Balance to measure factors including BMI, body fat, bone mass and water weight within an accuracy of 0.2 pounds.

Also, despite the fact that it supports up to eight users, no user would have to manually recalibrate it before stepping foot on the Balance. Instead, thanks to its four position sensors, this best body fat scale recalibrates itself and measure the required info correctly and quickly.

One area where we think the Balance scale could have done a bit better is its price. For, compare it with the 1byone fat scale mentioned above, and the Balance provides less key metrics despite costing more. This aspect of this body scale might act a deal breaker for some.


  • Non-slip, scratch resistant foot
  • Automatically calibrates itself to display quick and efficient info
  • Weight accuracy of 0.2 pounds


  • Expensive for the feature set
  • Doesn’t have an accompanying app

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Nokia Body Cardio

Even though it is no longer providing the highly useful Pulse wave velocity feature, the Nokia Body Cardio scale is still highly regarded for its other measurements which include BMI, body fat, water, and bone mass. Its solid aluminum base allows you to place the Body Cardio on any surface, including wood and even carpet.

Turning our attention to its connectivity, and this scale’s Position Control technology automatically uploads results via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to its accompanying app. Users can also track their progress via the Apple Health account, and they could also link it to the MyFitnessPal app.

The most important feature about the Nokia Baby Cardio is its usefulness for pregnant mothers. If you are paying attention, you might have noticed that most of the scales mentioned above weren’t suitable for pregnant mothers. Fortunately, the Nokia Body Cardio has no such shortcomings.

Nokia Body Cardio ~ Best Body Fat Scales


  • Aluminum surface allows you to place it on any surface
  • Compatible with MyFitnessPal and Apple Health
  • Has a Baby and Pregnancy Mode


  • Some users reported Bluetooth connectivity issues

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Garmin index Smart Scale

For those of you who already have a Garmin smartwatch, the Garmin Index Smart scale is a must-have. For, while it provides usual measurements like BMI, body fat, body water, and muscle and bone mass for everybody, the best features of this smart scale are reserved only for the Garmin community.

For instance, for those of you who have a Garmin watch or tracker, you can use this smart scale to track goals, measure calories, gauge their activity level, and determine their sleep quality.

On the connectivity front, this Wi-Fi connected scale uses both ANT+ as well as Bluetooth to supply information. The presence of ANT+ once again showcases its usefulness to the Garmin community because of automatic and effortless data syncing.


  • Best for those already having Garmin smartwatches or trackers
  • Supports up to 16 users
  • Weight capacity of 400lbs.
  • Despite its extra-large display, it boasts a sleek design


  • Astronomically priced

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