Best Face Brush Hand Picked To Experience Clean and Clear Skin

Best facial cleansing brushes can do amazing things for you.  Let me explain.

Will they remove your makeup? Check.  Apply cleanser to wet skin? Check. Massage your face in circular motions? Check. Absorb skin care creams and serums into the skin more effectively? Check. Exfoliated, clear, and smooth skin? Check.

Agree with their benefits?

It means you need the best facial cleansing brush. And guess what, you don’t have to research, for we have done it already. All you need to do is to select the facial cleansing brush that you think suit your needs from the below-mentioned list.

1. Clarisonic Mia 3 – Best Facial Cleansing Brush

If you are wondering the best electric face brush on the market is the Clarisonic Mia 3.  This facial cleansing brush is also considered to be the best facial cleansing brush for sensitive skin, the Clarisonic Mia 3 uses a combo of its oscillation technology and gentle brushes to remove makeup, oil, and dirt. The oscillation technology provides the best facial cleansing brush Clarisonic Mia 3 with 300 micro-message movements per minute, which means that it would give your face a thorough cleaning.

Also, if your skin gets easily irritated by chemical exfoliation, the gentle movements of Clarisonic Mia 3 keep itchiness at bay, while providing all the benefits. It removes dead skin and empties the pores which, over time, will give you a brighter and fresher looking skin.

One area where we think the Clarisonic face brush could have done a bit better is with its Clarisonic battery problems. For, when you empty its battery, it would take a full 12 hours to reach a full charge, which will last at least 7 days on twice a day usage. Hence, while its battery timing is great, the fact that you’ve to leave it charging for a day for the battery to fully charge leaves a bad taste for the consumers.

Clarisonic Mia 3


  • Best facial cleansing brush for sensitive skin with impressive battery timing
  • Clarisonic Sensitive brush head are ideal for sensitive skin
  • Clarisonic massage head provides 300 micro-massage movements per minute, which is an excellent choice
  • Clarisonic mia 3 colors as the name suggests comes in 3 different colors


  • Clarisonic mia fit battery life seems to be an issue for some customers

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2. Essential Skin Solutions – Face Cleansing Brush

Unlike cheap facial cleansing brush, the Essential Skin Solutions offer four brush attachments in the package. There is a small soft face cleansing brush, a large body spin brush, a pumice stone and a small firm brush, with all of the increasing its utility.

Take the gentle face brush, for instance. It is ideal for sensitive skin and removes makeup and dirt with ease. Then there is the firm brush, which we recommend for tougher skin. All the face cleansing brushes come with a skin corrector to help reduce acne scars, wrinkles, and redness.

The Essential Skin Solutions is also waterproof, so you can use it in water as well as clean it by nudging its head under running tap water. It has a rubber-handle which is easy to grip even when it’s wet.

And if you don’t have a good experience with the essential skin solutions brush, its 100% money back guarantee means you’ve nothing to lose.

Essential Skin Solutions ~ Best Facial Cleansing Brushes


  • Four skin cleansing brush attachments in the package
  • Has a skin spin brush corrector to reduce redness, brown spots, and wrinkles
  • Waterproof


  • Unfortunately one of the best skin facial cleansing brush only comes with one setting

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3. Sonic Brush – Sirius Exfoliating Facial Brush – Cheap Facial Cleansing Brush

Despite being the cheap facial cleansing brush in our article, the Sonic Skin Cleansing system offers the most number of heads. Of the five brush heads that it offers, you can use one for normal and the other for sensitive skin. The other three, meanwhile, allow you to exfoliate, tone, and hydrate your skin.

What’s more, unlike other cheap facial cleansing brushes, the SiriusSonic brush provides a plastic holder in the package. Use it, and you could easily set the Sonic brush atop your bathroom counter. Also, in contrast to the Essential Skin Solutions which relies on four batteries – the Sirius face brush relies on just two – hence reducing its running cost.

One feature which you might want to note about the Sonic skincare is its performance against water.  While it is water resistant, the Sirius is NOT waterproof. It means that while you can rinse it under running water, you can’t use it in the shower. Otherwise, the lack of protection against water might lead the Sonic brush to corrosion.

Sirius Sonic facial cleansing brush


  • Five Brush heads included in this cheap exfoliating cleansing brush
  • Provides a plastic holder to set the facial cleansing brush on your counter
  • Cheap face brush compared to other face brush if you want to try out something


  • This product isn’t water proof

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4. Beaute La Royale – Face Cleansing Brush

As suggested by its name, the La ‘’Royale’’ isn’t a cheap face brush. However, provided you can afford to pay its asking price, it sweetens the deal with a lifetime of warranty against both the facial brush as well as all its components. Then there are the attachments to further justify the price tag.

Of the four head attachments that it offers, the facial buffer sponge allows you to apply lotions, moisturizers, and creams on your face without involving your fingers. And if you have a tough skin, you could use the large body face brush attachment to unclog its pores. A small facial skin care scrubber, which we recommend for sensitive skin, is also included.

Making the Beaute La Royale is a brilliant carrying case which you get in the package. Also, since it is waterproof, you can use the device both in the shower or clean its head by nudging it under running tap water, and like all other smart cleanse review in this article, it runs colorlessly, though the requirement of four AA batteries to keep it running that increases its running cost.

Beaute La Royale ~Beast Facial Cleansing


  • Just like clarisonic carrying case comes with a fashionable carrying case
  • Lifetime warranty on both the facial cleansing brush and all of its components
  • Waterproof facial brush


  • Offers only one facial cleaning brush

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5. CLINIQUE Sonic System Puryifying Cleansing Brush

If you are wanting to do clarisonic vs clinique comparison with the above mentioned Clarisonic mia 3 then keep in mind that the Clinique’s brush system offers one additional feature: an oval-shaped brush head. Containing two types of bristles – both of which move in opposite directions, the head provides a better cleaning action and unclogs the skin pores quickly.

More importantly, the facial cleaning brush is angled such that its white bristles – which form three-quarters of all the bristles – cleanse only those parts of your face that are hard to reach. As for the green bristles, well, they will deep clean the pores existing in the T-zone of your face. Combine both of them, as the Clinique has done just that, and both the green and white bristles provide complete facial cleansing.

Finally, since no product comes without a flaw, the Clinique facial cleanser isn’t any different. While its brush head is waterproof, it doesn’t have any attachments in the package.

clinique makeup brush cleanser - clinique sonic brush vs clarisonic


  • Two types of bristles for better facial cleansing
  • Designed for all skin types
  • Waterproof facial cleansing brush


  • No additional brush head attachment

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6. FOREO LUNA 2 Reviews – Silicone Face Srubber

Thanks to its specially engineered silicone brushes, the Foreo face brush for sensitive skin will gently pulsate against your skin to unclog pores and remove dead cells. On the other side of Luna’s egg-shaped body are groves which rely on lower-frequency pulsations to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging signs. All you need to do to achieve these results is to use the Luna 2 for two minutes, twice a day.

What’s more, even though you’d use it twice a day, the foreo luna 2 sensitive skin will last a month on one full charge. It has a T-sonic technology which will penetrate into your skin’s layer for an efficient facial cleansing brush. Then there’s its color range, with four extra-cute colors allowing the foreo luna 2 to complement any counter-top.

Finally, like all high-end products, the Luna 2 are astronomically expensive. That said, add to the equation its 10-year quality guarantee and 2-year limited warranty – and the fact that it won’t require you to replace your facial brush head every few months then the Luna 2 does make more financial sense than its competitors.

FOREO LUNA 2 cleanser


  • Contains grooves on its backside to reduce aging signs
  • One full charge lasts a month
  • Silicone brushes and T-Sonic technology provide firmer, cleaner results
  • Waterproof face brush


  • This product is one of the most expensive facial cleansers compared to others

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7. Olay Face Bursh – Olay Prox Advanced Cleansing system

The Olay ProX advanced cleansing system is ideal for those who don’t have sensitive skin. It comes with a 2-speed face scrub brush which is charged with two AA batteries and allows you to control the treatment of your skin.

It has a rotating face brush which massages the exfoliating brush of Olay into your skin, which, in turn, effectively cleans your skin while exfoliating it at the same time. Each rotation of the skin exfoliating brush would take off even the most deep-seated of dirt, let alone makeup or oils which the ProX could get rid with ease.

While the Olay ProX contains a plethora of ingredients, two of them deserve special mention here. It has glycerin which is an alcohol-based compound you can find in skincare products to seal in moisture in your skin, hence removing the dryness.

It also has sodium cocoyl isethionate – a coconut oil derived fatty acid – which mixes with dirt and oil, hence making them easy to rinse away. Away from the ingredient list, the ProX is water resistant, which means you can use it in the shower as well.


  • Includes an skin exfoliating brush renewal cleanser in the package.
  • Waterproof facial brush that can be used in the shower
  • Two speed settings


  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

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8. DDF Revolve Professional 500x

While it costs less than the Foreo Luna 2 – which is the most expensive device in this article – the DDF revolve offers a plethora of options in the package. For, it has 2 foam exfoliators, a set of polishing crystals, and a deep cleansing facial brush – despite costing under $60.

It is a unique product because not only does it work on skin lightening, but the Revolve also polishes your skin with its micro abrasion method. It also has a dual head, the first of which is an exfoliator brush that clears clogged pores and removes dead cells.

As for the second head, it is a brush which cleanses your face, removes debris, and thereby gives it a polished look. Add to the mix the set of polishing crystals – which improve the shine of your skin, and the DDF Revolve is a must-have.

DDF Revolve 500X Micro-Polishing System Refill Kit


  • Dual head for exfoliating and cleansing
  • Remove fine lines
  • Has replaceable parts


  • Expensive facial cleanser when it comes to replacement parts, such as the brush head

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9. Pixnor Facial Cleansing Brush & Massager

Think price is the biggest determinant of the quality of any product? The Pixnor Facial Cleansing Brush & Massager will force you to think again. It not only cleanses and exfoliates your facial skin, but also removes any calluses from your feet or hands and bumps on your skin.

How? Well, say hello to its 7 brush heads. Ranging from a soft latex sponge to short-bristle – and long-bristle brush to pumice pad – and not to mention the makeup sponge, rolling massager, and exfoliating head, the Pixnor Facial Cleansing kit belittles its meager price tag.

Therefore, if you are looking for a skincare product which can take care of all your skin issues – but a’t willing to pay a king’s ransom for it – the Pixnor Facial Cleansing Brush & Massager deserves your attention

PIXNOR P2017 Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush and Massager ~ Best Facial Cleansing


  • 7 different parts which are all included in the package
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Massages exfoliates and cleanses.
  • A cinch to clean


  • The rolling massager is low quality.

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10. Sonic Facial and Body Cleansing Brush

Despite coming in the economical under $40 price, the Sonic offers both body and facial cleansing. It does the same thanks to its bristles which rotate at three speeds to exfoliate your skin while also ridding it of dirt and oil.

To let it adapt to different body parts, the Sonic comes with four cleansing modes: sensitive, deep clean, pulselift, and exfoliate. While the first two modes are for the entire face, the pulselift mode is made for cheekbones as it uses supercharged pulsations to increase blood-flow and give a plumper looking skin.

The most impressive feature of this best electric facial cleanser– one which you won’t see that often in facial cleansing brushes – is its wireless charging. Yes, just leave it over a wireless charging base, and it would automatically charge. Conversely, it comes with a plug which you can plug into the power outlet, so you don’t have to spend money on batteries.


  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • 4 cleansing modes.
  • Supports wireless charging.
  • IPx7 waterproof rating.


  • There are some concerns about customer service

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