Let Your Child Entertain Themselves With This Stick Horse

Toddlers are often fascinated by the toys that bring up their imagination. Trotting in the sun, racing with their favorite pals, galloping through the country side—a child imagines all sorts of adventures on a Stick Horse.

If you are looking for a Hobby Horse for your child, go through this post to find 6 best stick horses on Amazon. We’ve gone through several products to find the best for you.

1. Making To The List At 1st Spot Is Aurora Giddy Up Ponies by Aurora World:

Manufactured in both Indonesia and China, this particular Stick horse is available in three realistic colors; beige brown and black. The plushy horse head is made of processed velvet which gives the head a glistening feel.

Stick measures 37’’ which is best for kids aging between 2 to 7. The material used for stick is White Cedar, which is both strong and flexible. This specific wood is best to use in items that demand longevity and strength.

Head makes both clip-clop and Neigh-Neigh sounds; no batteries required just press the ears of the horse.

Aurora - Giddy-Up Ponies - 37" Beige Giddy Up Pony



Reviewers had a lot of positive things to say about the beige Stick Horse. Kids liked the plushy head and soft droopy ears of the horse. The stick is made of soft Western White Cedar which is kind of flexible and doesn’t break easily. This product is rated 5 stars by the happy customers.


The length of the stick is 37’’ which is best for the kids aging 3 to 7. It’s not meant for kids younger than 3. The stick is long and is not suitable for a child who hasn’t started walking yet.

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2. On The 2nd Spot In The List Is Mary Meyer Easy Ride ‘Um Stick Horse with Sound:

Easy Ride ‘Um Appaloosa Stick Horse is 33’’ tall. It is best for kids aging 2 to 6. Because of its height, this particular article is perfect for make-believe playoffs.

It makes galloping and neighing sounds when you press both ears of the toy. Good thing this one doesn’t require any batteries, we know how quickly they run out.

The manufacturer of this specific hobby horse have been around since 1933 making toys for the U.S market. Every toy manufactured by this family owned company complies with tough safety protocols of The Toy Industry Association US.

Mary Meyer Easy Ride 'Um Stick Horse with Sound, Appaloosa


Made in realistic colors, the soft and plushy head makes attractive Neigh-Neigh and clip clop sounds. Rein is made of swishy velvet which is soft against your child’s skin.


The length of the stick-saddle is 33’’ which restricts its purchase to a relatively younger clan of riders.

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3. 3rd Spot Is Occupied By HollyHOME Outdoor Stick Horse:

This classic toy horse has a bridle attached with the horse head. Your child can make-believe for hours galloping through his imaginative countryside. Available in two realistic shades, this stick horse is 33’’ inches tall. It comes in two pieces and requires assembly (stick the screws into the durable connector).


Rated 5 star by all the happy customers this particular article has a lot of positive reviews. The faux leather rein is additional feature which is appreciated by most of the customers.


It is a must to screw both pieces together the right way. Go through the manual to see how to fasten the head to the stick.

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4. On 4TH Spot There Is Stick Horse by MandF Western:

These stick horses come in bright colors such as pink, purple and white. The sound speakers use 3-1.5 volt batteries for beautiful galloping and Neigh-Neigh sounds. This toy is pleasantly loud and will keep your child entertained for a longer period of time.

stick horses purple horse


Initial set of batteries are included in the Stick Horse. These batteries are inserted at the time of the purchase and are always brand new. Usually a 3 volt battery lasts for 3 weeks so you’re not required to change them for a month. This product is affordable and has a five star rating on amazon with lots of feedback from the customers.


You’ll have to keep buying the batteries?!

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5. On 5th Spot We Placed Linzy Hobby Horse by Linzy store:

This Stick Horse makes galloping and Neigh-Neigh sounds that the kids will go crazy for. Press the horses’ ear to activate the sound; this toy doesn’t require batteries. The soft and plushy horse head measures 7.5 inches in length and 10 inches in width.

This amazing toy comes with adjustable stick that measures 16 inches when collapsed and 32 inches when fully extended.

Linzy Hobby Horse, Stick Horse Tan with Galloping Sounds


Happy customers gave this product a 5 star rating on amazon. Another distinguishing feature in this product is adjustable length of the stick which can be tuned to any length in between the minimum and maximum levels to match the height of your child. This is one of those toys that grow with your child giving him strong and meaningful memories.


This toy is a bit on the expensive side because of the additional features.

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6. On 6th Spot We Placed Ponyland Stick Animal by Pony Land:

These stick animals and not just horses come with adorable 28″ Stick. You can choose a Llama, horse or a camel. Each toy plays 30 classic children’s songs. Your child can play all day long with this one musical toy that also runs and walks as well.

Each article comes with color coordinated stick, this gives the toy a unique look.


The manufacturer has given these stick animals embroidered lashes to make them pretty. They all come in pretty pinks, lovely lilacs and amazing whites.


May not be your regular purchase because of so many distinguishing features.

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                                Kids play stick horse 2

What To Look For In the Best Stick Horse:

  • Always prefer to buy one piece article, or, fasten all the screws tight after assembling the toy.
  • Always keep in mind the height of your child; a Stick Horse too long can make your child fall, too short, your child will have to bend his posture to trot.
  • Check Amazon reviews and ratings. Sometimes an angry customer teaches you more about the product or service than several positive reviews.
  • Some articles are downright adorable and loved by the customers. Scan through your options to find the best product for your little one.
  • To save you the fuss of scanning pages, we’ve researched for you. Go through this post to find the best Stick Horse.

How To Make a DIY Stick Horse From Oven Mitts:

Sounds exciting right? What makes it better is that you can invite your 3 years old to assist you in this DIY project.

First of all, take an oven mitt of your favorite color and texture. You can use regular quilted mitts made of cotton and sponge sheet, or use the woolen ones with insolating sheet padded between them. Since this is going to be a fresh funky take on how a stick horse looks, you can choose a glove of any color you like—red, green, blue or purple.

Take the filling out of an old cushion or pillow. Ask your child to do so, I’m sure they’ll love this particular step.

Stuff all the filing or cotton in the glove. Make sure you over-stuff the glove a bit to project a better shape.

Start scoring the edges on the inside with the help of a pencil. Force the filling further inside the glove until it begins to take its shape.

Stuff the glove with cotton and stich the end close with the help of needle and thread. You can hot glue the end close, that’ll work too. Leave about half inch opening to attach the stick.

Grab a black sharpie or permanent marker and draw the eyes of the Stick Horse on both sides on the glove. You can sew a black button instead of drawing the eyes too.

Grab some wool and make horse hair and hot glue the strands on the head of your stick horse and you’re halfway done. This step is completely optional. Kids are OK with bald horses as well.

Take a big size school ruler and insert in the little opening you had kept open while sewing. Once the ruler is in, close the opening shut and voila! Your DIY Stick Horse is ready.

A Stick Horse Is An Educational Toy:

Before moving on to the list, let’s learn some fun but significant facts about this exceptional toy. A Hobby Horse emboldens make-believe playoffs. Encouraging them to use their imaginations, and to impersonate their surroundings, these toys help your child develop a vision.

A Stick horse assists your child with his basic motor skills. Using his legs to manipulate the toy, he’ll realize his exercise quota but in a fun way. If you are training your toddler to walk, Stick Horse is the best motivation to provide. It doesn’t interfere with the walking process, keeps the posture of the child right, and makes the whole experience pleasurable.

For a child below 5, anything that has lights and makes sound is attractive. Hobby horses make sounds like your kid has actually been trotting at the Bay of Narnia.

Nurture Your Child’s Imagination—Give Them More Make Believe Toys:

  • Stick horses have been around since 18th Having a meaningful history, these funny little thingies had been present in every home as a part of every kid’s life. Though they have evolved from their primary appearance, stick horses are trending in 2020 because of their unique benefits. When most of the modern games make your kid sit in a single place, stick horses encourages your child to physically move.
  • Parents should always encourage their children to be active and take part in sports. Running is one way to keep children healthy, and a Stick Horse is a fun way to keep running. TaDa!!
  • Why make-believe toys are essential for your child’s health? A toy which gives kids a chance to imagine a situation or figure something out makes them smart. One day that active little kid of yours will be a cowboy, the other day an Indian—great way to learn about history and cultures.

Why Should I Buy Toys That Emit Sound?

A child below the age of 3 pays attention to the sounds around him and reacts/responses towards blinking lights. This is good as far as it keep the kid drawn towards the toy. Unfortunately, if the toy is louder, it’ll keep the child distracted. In simple words, more advanced toys which offer multiple functions and features make kids silent and non-productive. Basic toys like wooden or building blocks, balls or counting beads and anything similar compels the child to put effort in some regard. Stick Horse is the best example of that.

Make your child play with toys which are imitation of the real stuff!

Teach your kids about food, eatables, animals, parts of human body and nature. Early days are best to coach a human brain. Introduce games or activities in your child’s life which help them grow in a healthier way. Trot with your kid on his favorite Stick Horse to his fantasy land and help him find the hidden treasures.

Look for toys that spark your child’s imagination.

The creativity of a child really takes off when he is in his third year. He is able to respond to process instructions and act accordingly. Similarly, he can make an instruction of his own and ask you to process. This is when you are required to keep him busy with positive activities.

History Of A Stick Horse—How And When It Became Popular As A Toy:

During the rule of Henry the VII, the horses were referred to as hobbies. The elite used to ride horses in their leisure time. The term hobby became associated with the game of horse riding.

By the end of 18th century, wooden horses and cribs formed in the shape of horses became a part of every house hold. Stick Horse was first sold in England by J.S Elliot in his toy emporium. Parents would buy stick horses to train their children to ride real horses. These toys were considered a cheaper alternative to riding a real horse until they surprisingly became famous for their uniqueness.


Early years of a child’s life determine what kind of person he/she becomes. If you carefully nurture the right values in your kid, he/she will become a better human being. Toys you select for your kids play significant role in the building their personality. Be patient before making any purchase, do some research and buy the best available toys for your kids.                                                              

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