Top Baby Pillows To Shape Their Head

You might be wondering why head shape pillows are important and why we are listing the Baby pillows amazon has to offer? The first few months of an infant’s life are extremely important. Not only do they have to be fed and cleaned regularly by their guardians. These babies need proper head placement as well.

Similar to how seating positions are important for adults especially at the workplace, it is quite crucial that your baby not fall asleep with their head on one side of the mattress for a prolonged period of time. This will lead to a long disorder known as Flat Head Syndrome; when a spot is caused on one side or behind the head of the infant.
Remember that not any head shape pillow will do.

We visited Amazon and researched which are the best head shape pillows according to user reviews who noted the level of comfort, durability of the material, whether their babies were able to adjust easily to the pillow and so on. When an adult is informed to sleep in one position, they can handle it on their own, but infants of course being infants do not have this luxury.

Importance to this topic should be given top priority when selecting a head shape pillow for your infant because health should be foremost on any parent’s mind. This is why you should read on about which head shape pillows will be the perfect fit for your baby’s head.

1. WelLifes Baby Pillow – #1 Best Seller

Amazon is not just a website, it is a destination. When you think Google you think search, when you think Amazon you think shop. So it won’t come as a surprise that the first website you visit to fulfill your product-buying needs for your little one is Amazon. That is why we didn’t save the best for last when we mentioned WelLifes Baby Pillow, the #1 Best Seller in Baby Head Shaping Pillows on Amazon.

Some baby head shape pillows prefer style over substance but with WelLifes Baby Pillow the case is reversed. The normal-shaped design will appeal to consumers who are looking for a conventional look to the pillow but which doesn’t overlook design for productivity. Though it is well to remember that this shape might not fit well into other surfaces such as baby car seats.

The traditional look is probably what has propelled Amazon customers to make the product rank number one in its type. The product is the epitome of comfort by replacing memory foam (used in most head shape pillows for babies) with cotton filling which is movable for the purpose of shifting to areas where extra neck support is required, but this filling is not automatic and the parent has to manually move this filling when the baby is set down inside the crib.

One of the needed hygiene to a material that is not resistant to allergies or bacteria. Another positive point is that air can fill the pillow easily, allowing for extra coolness much needed for the baby to get a long night’s sleep.



  • The material can be washed
  • Extra coolness


  • Lack of practicality with the movable cotton filling
  • The cotton might be too soft to fully avoid flat head syndrome

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2. Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support – Runner-up

Whenever there is an ad for a medical product like medicinal toothpaste, there is a nine out of ten chance it will be endorsed by doctors. The Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support isn’t number two in Amazon’s best sellers for baby head shape pillows for nothing, it was especially designed with combating flat head syndrome first, and all other factors second. The product even has a patent and the design has been pediatrician-approved.

The memory foam material allows automatic adjustment to important areas of support for the baby’s neck. There is clear airflow in the material which means it is constantly cool. Not only can the product be cleaned, which is a blessing given the amount of fluids the baby can spill on the pillow especially when asleep, but the memory foam can adapt to any head shape.

A great disadvantage comes in the form of the cost of the product. The company, Babymoov, rectifies this negative point by providing a lifetime warranty of the product if the parents register the warranty within the initial two months of buying it.
So, if you have the budget and care for a doctor-endorsed product, then you won’t go wrong with the Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support as the first choice for your baby’s medical needs.



  • Medically approved and scientifically endorsed product
  • Memory foam is automatically adjustable and cleanable
  • Warranty is for life


  • One of the most expensive products in its category

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3. Hidetex Baby Pillow – Extremely Adjustable

One thing which parents might overlook when searching for a product for their baby, or even after buying the product, is the amount of effort they themselves will have to put in. We have already listed products which have perks like being machine washable, having super soft cotton material or automatically adjustable memory foam, but Hidetex Baby Pillow takes it up a notch by focusing on your baby’s circulation and not only when they are lying down in the crib.

Not only is exercise good for the parents especially the mother who wishes to lose a few pounds after delivery, but by taking the baby outside for a walk, the baby will get as much natural light as possible which will lead to prolonged happiness especially due to the intake of Vitamin D.

Whether it be used in the crib or a rocker or especially when using a child harness, the Hidetex Baby Pillow has a small size which makes it extremely adjustable to all types of surfaces. On top of that, the material is air-friendly due to its organic memory form allowing it to remain fresh for prolonged periods of time. The material isn’t resistant to allergies or bacteria which has led to it receiving a lot of customer complaints though there is a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Small size allows for extreme adjust-ability to any surface
  • Organic memory foam allows for excellent air flow


  • Allergic reactions have led to hair loss according to customer reviews

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4. Cherish Baby Care Flat Head Baby Pillow – Double Protection

Cherish Baby Care Flat Head Baby Pillow is made of adaptive padding that permits it to adjust to the state of your infant’s head, giving more prominent comfort. The adaptive padding is similar to the Love-nest because it provides additional support to a child as this forestalls the weight on the infant’s head from causing flat head syndrome.

This adaptable padding is encased with an internal spread texture and it is German made. Also, it is completely scent-free which is a decent pointer of it being liberated from unsafe synthetic concoctions that can be hurtful to infants. In addition to the scent-free inner cover there are two outer covers made with delicate texture.

However, these free external spreads can be a suffocation hazard for infants. It has been determined that the less things an infant lays down with, the more secure they will be while sleeping. So the best guidance when buying this product will be to skip utilizing the two external spreads. As mentioned earlier, the inner cover is safe and comfortable enough, so foregoing the usage of the outer covers will not be a total loss.


  • Scent-free memory foam
  • Comes with two free outer covers


  • The two outer covers can prove to be a health hazard if not used properly

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5. Baby Love Memory Foam Pillow – Super Soft

The Baby Love Memory Foam Pillow has a crescent-like structure giving the product a unique touch. To aid in protecting the baby from flat head syndrome, both the center and the lower center of the pillow have a concave design which gives support to the infant when they are asleep. No matter the size and shape of the baby’s head, the German-produced memory foam easily adjusts to any criteria. Longevity is also promised by its slow rebound design. Thus, the support is hardened which is the most important point to check when purchasing the best head shape pillow.

The infant’s cheeks are supported by the light bump towards the edge of the crescent shape so the baby’s head won’t turn at a much steep angle from its body due to the support given to the cheeks by this specialty of the design.

There are two covers: one outer and the other inner. This gives extra protection to the baby when asleep. Extra air circulation is guaranteed with the Jacquard air layer fabric positioned over the memory foam. However, even though the outer cover and inner cover feature clear airflow and super softness, both these covers cannot be cleaned so whichever fluids are dropped onto these two materials, they cannot be rinsed which gives this product an issue related to hygiene. Also, the inner cover is soft enough that the outer cover’s usage could be excluded because of the latter being a safety hazard in terms of increased chances of suffocation.


⦁ Durable and firm design
⦁ Super soft and ultra breathable fabric
⦁ Extra support for neck and cheeks


⦁ Non-washable
⦁ Outer cover can affect safety conditions of the infant

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6. Nimbli Baby Head Shaping Pillow – Best for Health

So far we have gone on to list many head shape pillows for babies which are equipped with the most soft or most breathable fabrics. Nimbli Baby Head Shaping Pillow adheres to your baby’s needs in regards to health.

Not all infants are born the same and some are more sensitive to allergies than others. This is why the Nimbli Baby Head Shaping Pillow comes in three parts. The first is a detachable pillow case, a sophomore antibacterial layer, and super soft memory foam layer.

The removable pillow case is both machine washable and bacteria-resistant which ensures that the infant’s health is given priority. However, the memory foam fabric is not machine washable though it can cleaned by hand. The Nimbli Baby Head Shaping Pillow also has a teddy bear design if you want some style with your substance.


⦁ Comes in three layers
⦁ The detachable pillow case can be washed and is resistant to bacteria
⦁ Cute and small design is ideal for infants up to 18 months old


⦁ Memory foam is not machine washable
⦁ Is not suitable to infants older than 18 months

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There is no one size fits all strategy when picking the best head shape pillow for your infant. The first year of a baby’s life is the most important health wise and that is the most likely age the baby could suffer from a flat head. Remember not to only take advice from Amazon reviews or web pages but also to consult pediatricians to find the optimal fit for your baby.

You should also look at your concerns. Are you both working parents? Then picking a cotton fabric head shape pillow might not suit you as you have to put more effort into adjusting the shape of the pillow when your baby’s head rests upon it. Thus, a memory foam fabric pillow will be the better option.

Circulation is also important and that is why you should also seek a baby head pillow which can adjust to a child harness so your baby gets enough head coverage while both of you are out on a stroll. As long as you match the baby’s needs with your own requirements you will have no trouble picking out the best head shape pillow especially from this list. Whether that requirement be comfort or safety, we hope our list has narrowed down the most desirable of qualities when it comes to selecting the best head shape pillow for your infant.


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