Top 10 Camping Shelters To Get Your Hands On Now

Best Camping Shelters to get Right Now

Hiking, Trekking and Camping are part of human nature that help human being to take a close look of vast natural resources this earth owns. Camping lovers never take a rest until they get a camp which could fulfil all their needs. Choosing perfect camping shelters is never easy, especially for newbies.

One might end up finding needle in a haystack without proper guidelines and expert’s recommendation while looking for a shelter. To save you time and unnecessary efforts, I am bringing to you the curated list of camping shelters and tents with all the details you might searching for till now. You can find your perfect match in camping shelters listed below!

The list is tailored for personalized experience in a way that you can choose the best suitable one based on the camping purpose, number of person shelter can accommodate and weather conditions. Buying guide at end of the list can help you better to choose the best, once you go through the list below! 

10. Alps Mountaineering Lynx Camping Shelters

If you are a solo adventurist, then ALPS Mountaineering Lynx is best fit for all your needs. It is well-equipped with pockets and a gear loft, enough to organize your gears and other stuffs within the tent.

The design is spacious with usable space of 2’8” x 7’6” for comfortable sleep. 2 aluminum poles and fastening clips making it free-standing and easy to setup. water-resistant and UV protected Polyester gives you weatherproof camping experience.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent Camping Shelters


  • Great quality of rain fly
  • 8 Zippers and a vestibule – contributing to extra storage space
  • Easy to set up and fold back.
  • Mesh wall for better ventilation.


  • Thin Base material making it vulnerable to sharp objects

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9. Abco Tech Portable Cabana Beach Tent Type Shelter

Gone are the days when people used to make plans before going on a trip. Camping could be casual as well as adventurous. This portable camping shelter is designed to meet features you should be looking for at your next beach vacation. Cabana Beach tent is an ideal shelter for 2 persons.

The usability of such shelter can be shared by children, too as they would love this cozy tent at your backyard or garden. Its Pop-up style save you a lot time! Tent is provided with 2 mesh windows opposite to each other for better air circulation. Moreover, dual door design enables this tent to be highly accessible.

The feature that make your buy worthy is its privacy. Opaque flaps over the windows have zips to assure your privacy.  With dimension 88.6” x 47.2” x 37.4” and weight 3.7 pounds, you can count on this automatic and instant tent for casual getaway and camping.

Pop Up Tent - Automatic Instant Tent - Portable Cabana Beach Tent


  • Solid Nylon cover for privacy
  • Lightweight
  • Kids friendly
  • Accessible and highly ventilated.
  • Easy to set up and disband


  • Fabric is not durable
  • No pockets or Lofts
  • Uncomfortable for long time camping
  • Not waterproof.

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8. Hikergarden Tent All Weather – Family Camping Shelter

Hikergarden has 1 large mesh door, 5 mesh windows & a roof of mesh design, which allow the breeze to come in from surrounding but restrict the bugs invasion. This tent suite comes with a curtain to divide room.

The camping tent weight 17.4 pounds only – way lighter than other high-volume family camps. The tent is made of 185T Polyester material to provide extra strength and stress capabilities. Hydrophobic Polyurathane material helps keeping your camp dry and clean while raining.

For better stability of the camp against heavy wind, 14 fixed stakes, 6 guy lines and thick fiberglass poles have been provided. Going by its size that is 14 l x 9 w x 6 h (ft.), this camp-cum-shelter house can cater 7 to 8 persons without suffocation inside! You can snug large mattresses without giving up your leg space. There is no alternative of Hikergarden for luxurious camping experience along with your loved ones!    



  • Spacious enough for 8 adults.
  • Hassle-free Movement due to ceiling height.
  • Curtain helps to separate off space
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Panorama roof with Mesh


  • Thin Fabric
  • Hard to Setup and wind up

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7. OT QOMOTOP Tent Family Camping Shelter With Doormat

If you are a part of that big happy-go-lucky family, looking for rainproof and mud free shelter camp with organized pocket and Gear keeper with optimum space for family in order to chill out in the middle of a forest, OT Qomotop is all you need!

Its quick-to-setup design has been personified for blissful camping experience. It uses Polyurethane taping for all internal seams including rainfly seam, that strengthen the structure in a way to nullify stress during heavy winds. 

Once it sets up, you don’t need to give it another check. Vent at floor and mesh roof keep interior breathable for 8 to 10 persons.  With usable surface area 14 x 10 ft and peak at height of 6’4” ft, this tent with openable windows is made for people who enjoy living in a camp rather than countryside motel.

camping sheters and tents


  • Light weight, that is 29 pounds only
  • Gear loft, Pocket and doormat
  • Electrical port
  • Easy to put up and take down


  • No mesh windows

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6. Coleman Evanston Tent – Camping Shelter with Porch

If Camping is an art, Coleman is science backing the camping with their technology driven camping shelters. Evanston is made of 75D Grade polyester Taffeta. It has some simple but effective features like inverted seams, awnings on mesh windows and welded corners at floor.

Rainfly has shown great water resistance ability, even during extreme rainfall and winds. The screen shelters for camping at front has bug free design and large space of 10 x 5 ft. for spectacular viewing experience. Interior of camp also boast of large space up to 10 l x 9 w x 5’8” h suitable enough to place queen-size beds inside.

If you like camping irrespective of weather conditions, Evanston is an ideal choice for family of four!

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room Camping Shelters


  • Great viewing experience from Porch
  • Sturdy and Weatherproof
  • Spacious
  • Waterproof Mesh window
  • Pockets at sidewalls


  • No extra Rain cover for Porch
  • Over weighted (weight: 21 pounds)

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5. Coleman Sundome Tent

For all warm weather lover, Sundome shelter with Coleman’s expertise in design comes with weatherproof features and rainfly to make your sunny day brighter. It possesses dome type frames that can withstand against mild to heavy winds.

To keep your coleman sundome tent cool while enjoying sunlight, it is provided with smart vent window at floor level. Sundome might make your tent activity more hassle-free as you are not going to run out of electricity anymore with E-port inside! For 2 persons, space of 7 x 5 ft. pretty enough with mesh pockets at walls to keep your stuffs safe.


  • E-port
  • Lightweight (6.4 pounds)
  • Ground Vent
  • Easy to set up


  • Poor quality of stakes

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4. Core Instant Cabin Tent – Camping Shelter King-size

Whether you are organizing get together of your besties or you are throwing a party or you are expecting a guest, you always think to make it a perfect day to celebrate! Camping is for all, and that’s what Core endorse! Instant Cabin type king-size tent from Core is designed to meet your all expectations.

The space is large enough to contain 9 people. It comes with removable rainfly but it can be fixed at top instantly if it starts to rain. Core has used proven heat-sealed seams and tapes for optimized performance of rainfly. Its floor venting mechanism keeps temperature low inside the camp. Core also featured E-port provided with extra protection when not in use.

Room separator helps to maintain privacy. It is waterproof, heatproof, airy by design and sturdy enough to tolerate minor tear and wear. The size and weight of tent is 14 x 9 x 6.5 ft and 27.6 pounds, respectively. Core Instant is nothing less than a camping fortress!

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Camping Shelter


  • Large surface area
  • Lightweight compared to other counterparts
  • Removable Rainfly
  • Room divider
  • Pockets and closable E-port    


  • Thin Ceiling of Mesh fabric bring excessive cold in

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3. Coleman Canopy Tent – Instant Canopy Shelter with Screen

Colemane Canopy tent screen house provide you a space of 12 x 10 ft. with 8’4” center height. You don’t need to be bothered about walking around within Coleman Canopy Tent. Screen walls keep the bugs away. Coleman screened canopy tent comes with single piece frame and telescoping poles making its assembly quite easy.

Canopy has large entrance space at both sides. Its UV protective fabric will let penetrate healthy sunlight only. This Coleman Shelter is made of double-layered nylon taffeta. Additionally, trolly type carry bag making it easily portable regardless of its heavy weight of 45.2 pounds.

You can use such camping shelter anywhere without thinking twice and that’s what I like the most about camping adventure!

Coleman screened camping shelter


  • The tent easy enough to assemble.
  • The poles are sturdy
  • lot of space inside and above the head.
  • Thick Fabric


  • loose strings
  • No Rainfly
  • Heavy weighted

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2. Clam Quick Set Escape Portable Pop up Gazebo type Shelter Camp

This ready to use Gazebo style shelter camp is made of long-lasting Polyester material. It provides you the space of 94 square feet with 7.5 ft height when put up. It comes with water resistant ceiling and mesh screen to give you 360-degree view from inside. All six Stakes are stronger enough to withstand heavy winds.

Its triple layered corner pockets giving it a strength to stay tall regardless of weather conditions. Its 11 mm fiberglass poles connected by hub in the center of all walls are delivering the strength, sturdiness and durability to this large shelter camp. Clam Quick Set Escape is gold standard of strength amongst all camping shelters.

Camping Shelters


  • Large usable area
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Quick and easy to set up and wind up
  • Highly accessible


  • No rainfly
  • No pockets

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1. Colman Instant Cabin Tent

When you are looking for all seasons universal camping shelter that can fulfil your every need in order to give you perfect adventurous experience, you can go for only one and that is Coleman Instant Cabin Tent. Interior space of 14 x 10 x 6’7” ft. can easily accommodate 8 people or 4 queen-size beds.

From space to strength, from heatproof to rainproof – this shelter camp is one stop solution. On sunny day it can block sunlight enough to sleep undisturbed inside. On rainy day it can restrict water droplets to get in. In the absence of moon, guy lines help you to put up a cabin with an ease.

It also comes with Room Separator. Though rainfly is not included in the standard accessories, you won’t regret buying a rainfly separately for this Cabin Tent. Coleman Cabin itself is marvelous example of unique design, user experience and technology driven solution in the field of adventure.

Coleman Cabin Tent camping shelters


  • Large area
  • Sleek design
  • Weatherproof with rainfly on
  • Easy to set up
  • Guy lines
  • Privacy with room separator


  • Heavy weight (42 pounds)
  • No Mesh windows

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Camping Shelter Buying Guide  

There are numbers of camping shelters with different kind of features available at marketplaces. General rule of thumb for buying most suitable tent says that a person preparing to go for camping must know the weather condition first.

If you are not aware about weather condition of a place you are going to, better to choose weatherproof tent that includes rainfly, too. If you are aware of weather conditions then move to the 2nd checkbox.

It is important to be certain about numbers of people in a caravan and age of those who are going to share your camp. You should buy tent based on the accommodation capacity of any given tent. For instance, you are looking for 6-person tent, then buy a tent that is claiming to accommodate 7 to 8 people. After selecting tents based on numbers of person, it’s time to move to 3rd checkbox.

Camping experience depends on the type of adventure you are planning to go to. Forest camping, beach camping, mountain trekking etc. have their own attributes. Beach camping might not require to have comfort space for sleeping but camp in middle of forest must have enough space to sleep.

In the same way if you are going to meet mountains during your expedition, picturesque visuals will be there all over the place. Now setting up a camp with mesh windows or a screen house amidst those mountains, can make your camping experience way better than your own expectation!

Last but not the least 4th checkbox. It is important to check reviews of shelters for their durability, sturdiness, dimensions and weights if you are planning to go on a camping more frequently in the future. 

Thus, choosing right camping shelter for your adventure, is key to find real peace when you are inside that camp. Rightly chosen Shelter can make difference to your camping holidays.

Just remember these four checkboxes before choosing any camping shelter and you will never be disappointed for your upcoming camping adventure. Choose wisely. Roam around like no one can see and come home back with memories everyone can cherish!

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