Fight The Cold Breeze With Best Arm Warmers 

Staying indoors is recommended nowadays but doesn’t mean it should be something permanent. You need to take a stroll, run or even cycle outdoors once in a while. The main concern during these exercises should be if you are wearing proper protective clothing. Arm warmers play a very important part in this regards.

The best aspect about arm warmers is that they come in all shapes and sizes and offer various features to suit each individual’s needs. You may have also noticed sportsmen wearing them especially cricketers in England where the weather is cold and extra protection is definitely needed. The best arm warmers are also unisex.

The most desirable arm warmers can be worn with pretty much any shirt, at that point stripped off and stuffed in a back pocket when the sun comes out, making them a brisk and simple approach to shield yourself from variable temperatures.

The utilization case alternatives for arm warmers is a rundown as long as your arm itself. The modest arm warmers can fill in as a reinforcement alternative stuffed into your pocket on those warm-yet shady days, they can be combined with a short sleeve shirt to shape a flexible swap for your long-sleeved choice.

But it can be a burden to search on Amazon for the ideal arm warmer which caters to your every need. You’re in luck as below we list the best arm warmers available for purchase on Amazon.

1. Tough Outdoors Store UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves for Men & Women

Although the title states that this product is unisex it is ironically the #1 best seller in men’s cycling arm warmers on Amazon. But that isn’t surprising as all arm warmer categories are listed as gender-based but if you scroll through the reviews you realize that both sexes are buying them. And being unisex is only one of the many advantages held by Tough Indoors Store UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves for Men & Women.

Intended for long, sweltering hours under the sun these lightweight arm sleeves will keep you motivated no matter which type of activity you are participating in. These sun sleeves are consistent in quality and don’t make your skin feel irritated or leave unwanted marks on your arms during and after usage.

Not only is there UPF 50 protection but the Skin Cancer Foundation has endorsed this product.


  • Made for all types of exercise
  • The sleeves are lightweight
  • Recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation


  • Durability issues
  • Customers have complained that they are not adaptable to all sizes

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2. Outdoor Essentials UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves for Men & Women 

The Outdoor Essentials UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves are designed for both men and women but they rank as a #1 best seller in the category of women’s cycling arm warmers. We already explained in our previous entry that there is no unisex category on Amazon for arm warmers but customers regularly buy from both gender-based categories regardless of their own sex. Outdoor Essentials has other great features besides being unisex.

These arm warmers not only keep your arms warm in winter but also cool in summer. The perspiration wicking texture in this cooling arm sleeve liberally gives air access, keeping your arms cool even in outrageous warmth.

The UPF rating is 50+ and these sleeves also look good coming in two main colors namely black and dark gray. So not only will you be protected while exercising but also look your best while doing so.


  • 50+ UPF rating so no sunscreen is needed
  • Comes in a combo
  • Adjusts to the temperature


  • Customers have complained that it is not machine washable

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3. Pearl iZUMi Elite Thermal Arm Warmer

Pearl iZUMi is a sports company known for coming up with innovative products and they have done the same here for their Elite Thermal Arm Warmer. This item is definitely one of the most high tech products on this list.

Fitting is not a problem as the material has been described as stretchy. The design considers the anatomy of both your arms. It can attach to your clothes via the silicone band on its top.

This product is available in two colors: the conventional black and the non-traditional yellow. Pearl iZUMi Elite Thermal Arm Warmer is both water resistant and machine washable making it a must-have for any sports enthusiast. The material is fleece which has been reported by customers to be very adaptable.


  • Structural design
  • Can be washed automatically
  • Resistant to water
  • Adaptable to all sizes


  • The silicone top can lead to unwanted tightness

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4. Phiten Compression Single Arm Sleeve

Traditional in the looks department, the coloring allows them to be worn with any type of clothing. If you want enhanced performance and less muscle fatigue, this one-sleeve product is intended with the sportsperson in mind and will allow you to be your best while adapting to your workout schedule.

Its outer side is thick while the inner side is soft courtesy of the material it is made from called nylon/polyurethane. Their length is most desirable and you won’t have to look elsewhere for arm warmers which cover your whole arms once you purchase Phiten Compression Single Arm Sleeve.

They are sweat-proof courtesy of Aqua Titanium technology. There is also extra support for the elbow as well as UV protection from the harmful rays of the sun.


  • Material is both protective and adaptable to any type of workout
  • Fights against sweat by incorporating Aqua Titanium tech


  • Only comes with a single sleeve

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5. Columbia Unisex Freezer Zero Arm Sleeves

Columbia Unisex Freezer Zero Arm Sleeves, as their name suggests, have been created with summer in mind. The first thing you notice is the uncanny yet fashionable design which helps it stand out from the crowd. They have one of a kind tech which senses sweat and then adjusts the temperature to the weather conditions.

You won’t need sunscreen with this product as it gives UPF50 protection ensuring your outdoor exercising routine to be as cancer-free as possible. The lightweight fabric is adjustable as well so you’ll have no problem putting on the sleeve or removing it.

The extra skin protection doesn’t only shield your skin from the sun but this sleeve also acts as a reflector. Thus, with so many unique features you might be tempted not to look elsewhere when you’re finished reading about this product.

arm warmers


  • Omni-Freeze Zero unique cooling aspect
  • One of a kind design
  • Lightweight


  • More suitable for summer than for winter

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6. Gore Bike Wear Universal Windstopper Soft Shell Arm Warmers

Now here comes a product which is extremely versatile. Gore Bike Wear Universal Wind-stopper Soft Shell Arm Warmers are perfect for those in the middle of climate conditions – not excessively cold, yet not warm enough. It works as guaranteed and fulfillment is ensured regarding giving warmth and blocking wind, while simultaneously permeable enough to permit the perfect measure of air to pass through.

The primary function is its case to shield your arms from wind and wetness. Made of delicate shell, versatile material, it comes in dark on dark or white on dark for simple coordination with the remainder of your outfit.

For long-duration exercises, relief is guaranteed with the Gore Bike warmers, as it is structured with creases resistant to abrasion.


  • Not over-sized
  • Water repellent
  • Regularly combats winds


  • Creases are abrasion proof but can be damaged by force of hand
  • Not the most adjustable of arm warmers on this list

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7. Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmer

Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmer doesn’t have flex in its title for nothing. This sleeve is highly adjustable and arm movement is not at all hindered which is one of the most common problems with other arm warmers. The most noticeable aspect of this arm sleeve is that it allows a lot of airflow increasing the quality of your performance.

It isn’t waterproof though rather it is water repellent allowing fluids to slick off its Nanoflex fabric. This arm warmer is also movable being lightweight in nature so you can carry it with you on the go and not worry about creating extra space in your bag for it. Light in weight but long in length the Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmer is a great support for your everyday exercise routine.


  • Lightweight so maneuverable
  • Airflow is excellent
  • Good for both hot and cold weather


  • No UV protection
  • Not waterproof
  • Available in only a single color

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8. Louis Garneau Arm Warmers

The highlight of the Louis Garneau Arm Warmers is its HeatMaxx texture, which can heat up and repel water simultaneously. Sliding off is a common issue with most arm warmers but that problem is solved here with the bicep-placed silicone.

This warmer has been made with the biker in mind. When you are on a ride, especially on a road, the mirroring components of the design can signal your presence to other riders/drivers. Airflow is guaranteed and the weight is light ensuring a smooth sensation when performing any exercise while these arm warms are on.

Apart from black, these are available in bright yellow and white which also helps keep you visible when you are on or near the road during low-light hours.



  • Available in multiple shades
  • These arm warmers do not slide off easily
  • Optimized for biking


  • Size is an issue with most customers

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9. DEFEET Armskin Wool Arm Warmers

A USA manufactured product, DEFEET Wool Arm Warmers offer a clear item that hits the spot for being right on target. Winter wear has consistently consolidated fleece, and all things considered. These gets plus points for the the delicate, fluffy feel it offers on a chilly day or night, beating more current cycling arm warmers in this division.

Fleece is likewise breathable and offers unique toughness. Have confidence that your pair would withstand a ride in the clothes washer, emerging from it holding its unique shape, with barely any negative outcome.

The two keywords which represent DEFEET Armskin Wool Arm Warmers are warm and soft. They are a unique item in a market where it is stuff to choose the right arm warmer for your exercising pleasure.


  • Ideal for winter wear
  • The texture is extremely soft
  • Can be cleaned via machine


  • Customers have complained about the sleeves being undersized
  • Not suitable for summer

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10. Giordana Sport Super Roubaix Arm Warmers

The Giordana Sport Super Roubaix Arm Warmers don’t have sport in their title just for show. Made from 100% spandex these arm warmers are extremely stretchable. The Giordana has utilized the Super Roubaix material in its development and in light of current circumstances.

For those new to this texture – it is fleece-supported Lycra, intended to include and hold body heat while keeping the cold from getting in. This will attract those customers hoping to remain warmed up outside when winter falls.

The fabric’s flexibility allows for greater movement and makes you feel as if you don’t even have an arm warmer on.

With two hues to look over – fundamental dark or splendid white, these make a decent expansion to your overall sports gear.

Best Selling Arm Warmer


  • Super Roubaix material
  • Supports movement during exercise
  • Flexible fabric


  • The creases are cumbersome sewn and thus while exercising certain areas feel uneven and awkward
  • Lack of silicone grip

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You should keep some factors in mind when choosing the best arm warmers. Firstly, you need to align your own body with the product you are choosing. If you do not so then later on you will complain about how ill-fitting the arm warmer is. Luckily, the products’ features we have listed will help you not to make this error of judgment.

You also have to decide the purpose of the arm warmer. Are you looking to ride a bike or jog? Then keep in mind that some arm warmers have been optimized for bike riding while others have been made with other exercises in mind.

Weather is also important. While some arm warmers are overall weather-friendly, others perform better in a certain season. If choosing for summer, pick one with UV protection. If for winter, pick one which is made up of a warm fabric.

We hope our list brings you one step closer to choosing the best arm warmer.

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