Get A Silver Ticket At Home With These Pull-Down Projector Screens 

Pull-down projector screens are a must-have product nowadays. First of all, it has long been debated whether cinema is dead or not. This is especially due to the popularity of streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, etc. But cinema is very much alive. It might be closed down in some countries due to the pandemic but it’s not over yet. Even when the DVD was revealed in the 20th century, that didn’t stop cinema from reigning supreme in its domain.

Fast forward to 2020 and people don’t just want to watch movies on their laptops. They want a theater-like experience at home as well. This is another reason why pull-down projector screens are so popular in today’s time. You don’t need to leave the vicinity of your household to enjoy a cinema-worthy movie.

A pull-down projector screen has other uses as well. It can be used in a business setting or even at an educational institution. Due its multipurpose functionality, it is crucial you pick the right pull-down projector screen which suits all your needs.

You are in luck as we list below the pull-down projector screens worth buying from Amazon in 2020. We hope you find one to your liking.

1. Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen

It’s not a farce that Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen is #1 in the category of video production screens on Amazon. Its primary highlight is how multi-functional it is. It’s ideal for home theater movie, office, education, gathering rooms, open presentations, outside film-viewing and then some.

Size-friendly single piece, light in size and collapsing structure. You can overlap the screen in little size and put it in your rucksack or bag. Compared other projection screens of this type this has a superior screen quality owing to the utilization of polyester texture. There are no wrinkles when the screen is collapsed.

However, even though Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen is a bestselling product, it is not without its flaws. Customers have repeatedly complained that it is not as easy to fix on the wall as advertised, and many times it falls off due to poor attachment material.



  • Suitable for various purposes
  • Lightweight
  • Maneuverable


  • Installation can be a hassle

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2. Elite Screens 135-Inch ezFrame

This is only the first product from Elite Screens we are listing and as there will be more items forthcoming, let us state foremost that this company’s brand reputation is secured. Elite Screens 135-Inch ezFrame screen quality is intended for 4K and 3-D, and not only offers an exquisite viewing experience with a 16:9 screen ratio and 135 inches of width, but also immersive audio quality with the AcousticPro1080P3.

The AcousticPro1080P3’s material is an acoustically straightforward screen material that offers an entire 160-degree seeing point. The AcousticPro straightforward screen is intended to be reasonable for both covered up speaker or a back speaker set-up, which permits breathing through the screen for a more life-mirroring experience.

Elite Screens Sable Frame Series, 96-inch Diagonal sound Transparent Perforated Weave Fixed Frame Projection Projector Screen, ER96WH1W-A1080P3

Nevertheless, there have been consumer complaints that the aspects of the product do not justify its high price tag. The physical quality of the frame is one such issue that it has often come packaged to customers bearing scratches.


  • High screen quality
  • Top-notch audio


  • Expensive
  • Damaged frames have been shipped to some customers

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3. Silver Ticket STR-169100 100-Inch Screen

Silver Ticket STR-169100 100-Inch Screen is not the newest of products having been introduced in 2014 but it is still worth purchasing in 2020.

When assembled, the 1:1 addition and wide 160-degree seeing point offer a remarkable picture quality with no negative points whatsoever. Whether it be 1080p or 3-D, you can enjoy watching a variety of films, images and games on the Silver Ticket STR-169100.

Silver Ticket’s quality form is both mold and fire safe and can even be washed with cleanser and water whenever cleaning is required. If there was any noticeable flaw, it’s the failure to move this up after use as it’s a fixed installation in a room once assembled.

STR 169100 Silver Ticket 100 Diagonal 4K Ultra HD Ready HDTV 6 Piece Fixed Frame Projector Screen White Material


  • Cost-effective due to high picture quality and low price tag
  • The material is extremely durable


  • Non-maneuverable structure
  • Assembly has been advertised as easy but there have been consumer complaints stating the opposite

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4. VANKYO StayTrue Projector Screen

The 16:9 ratio and the 104x58x0.39 inches screen dimensions are not the only desirable features of the VANKYO Stay True Projector Screen which is currently #1 in new releases in the category of video projection screens.

If cleanliness if your priority then this screen is made of polyester and is handily cleaned utilizing gentle cleanser and water.

It likewise has a wrinkle free surface and a 160-degree-wide survey cone to furnish you with a sharp picture without shifts in shading regardless of where you are in the room. It upholds both front and back projection.

The projector screen is anything but difficult to set up: you can utilize snares, ropes, or twofold sided tape, as the screen has no casing and has underlying metal openings. It accompanies 2 x 16.4-foot ropes and 16 self-cement snares that you can use to mount the screen on a divider. Utilizing the snares implies it very well may be effectively eliminated for capacity.

VANKYO StayTrue Projector Screen, 120 Inch Projection Screen 4K HD Foldable Wrinkle-Free Movies Screen


  • Good screen quality
  • Easy assembly


  • Customers have complained that it does not ship in proper protective packaging

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5. VIVO 100 inch Diagonal Projector Screen

VIVO 100 inch Diagonal Projector Screen has qualities which make it one of the best pull-down projector screens available on the market. The highlight being that it is a multi-purpose pull-down projector screen.

This projector is an amazingly acceptable incentive for cash. It comes in two distinct sizes – 100 inch and 80 inch – which is a lot of survey space for any sort of viewing. The material it is made from is not only durable but also washable.

This screen is ideal for educational institutions, companies and equally an incredible choice for a home film set up. The simple to introduce establishment and seamless projection quality that accompanies this draw down screen make it the ideal all round projector.


  • Multi-functional
  • Cost-effective
  • Available in two sizes
  • Made from long-lasting material


  • Customers have complained about a wrinkling effect on the screen pulling the top down
  • No remote control capability

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6. Elite Screens Manual SRM Series

This screen accompanies all that you have to have a definitive home film understanding. At 170 inches, the screen is sufficiently large to coordinate film quality creations.

At the point when you’re finished viewing your film, essentially pull the screen back up, set it securely and you don’t need to see it again till you next need to screen a film, marathon watch a show or lose all sense of direction in a narrative.

With this screen you’ll get all the incredible highlights we recently referenced – yet all in an a lot bigger size. The main drawback is that this projector comes in somewhat more costly.

In the event that cash isn’t a concern and you need the best home cinema then this is our top pick. On the off chance that you get this projector for your home film set up you won’t be frustrated.


  • One of the best pull-down projector screens for home-entertainment viewing
  • Gigantic screen size


  • Expensive

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7. Pyle Manual Pull Down Projector Screen

Pyle Manual Pull Down Projector Screen is not only multi-functional but extending from 72 inches to 100 inches, it is purchasable in two sizes.

The screen is effortless to assemble. This minimal, compact and lightweight divider/roof projector screen pull down has a solid development and comes w/two top circles that snare onto screws, nails, or fasteners so the screen can be effectively mounted on the roof/divider.

Pulling down is not an issue. This draw down film screen roof/divider mount projector screen is completely retractable and has a self-locking instrument so you can essentially move down/pull down the screen and afterward discharge delicately and it will secure itself in position.

This projector is quite adaptable. Alter the tallness by just pulling down the screen to your ideal level. The draw down projector screen 100 inch takes into account clear/striking picture and video catching and incredible for home theater viewing.

Manual Pull Down Projector Screen - Universal 100-inch Roll-Down Pull-Down Retractable Manual Projection Screen with Auto-Locking, Adjustable Screen Height


  • Available in two sizes
  • Height adjustable
  • Easy assembly


  • No remote control
  • Material is not durable

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8. VonHaus 80 Inch Projector Screen 

VonHaus 80 Inch Projector Screen is not only adaptable to different environment but is also compatible with various projections like LCD, LED and DLP.

The VonHaus 80 Inch Pull Down Projector Screen offers two modes for establishment. The two modes are exceptionally simple to set-up, empowering beginner clients to use the screen right away. This projector screen can be mounted either on the roof or on a divider. The two offer interesting favorable circumstances. For instance, the divider may be excessively far for the projector consequently the mounting by means of the roof. Mounting this item would, in any case, award greater security. It truly relies upon the circumstance.

The rear of the VonHaus 80 Inch Pull Down Projector Screen is shaded in dark. This clever capacity forestalls the light that radiates from the projector. This thus will forestall the impression of fluffy pictures.

The primary problem is the surface. This would not be an issue in a decent day however here and there the surface of the screen meddles with the presentation by shaping lines if noticeable lights. Thus, the picture quality is negatively affected and appears grainy.

best projector pull down screens for home and office use


  • Technologically versatile
  • Dual installation methods


  • Poor picture quality compared to other pull down projector screens

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9. Pyle 50 Inch Portable Projector Screen

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to this Pyle Portable Projector Screen which only amounts to 50 inches of screen size but it has other features which can be considered most desirable.

Firstly, it is quite movable which is a big advantage if you are going to be moving around a lot with it – pun intended. So if you need to set a projector up in a case of emergency then Pyle 50 Inch Portable Projector Screen solves that problem.
Screen size is small but quality is big. The material is matte with anti-stain and anti-mildew capabilities. The fabric is also flame-resistant and made of PVC. Pulling down the screen is not an issue due to the quick-lock mechanism.

If you’re worried about where to place it for carrying later then that issue is resolved by the aluminum case which comes with this product. Even if you somehow forget to place it in this case for traveling the durable material the screen is made of ensures that it will combat the harsh conditions of any environment.

Pyle 50 Inch Portable Projector Screen - Portable Floor Standing Fold-Out Roll-Up Tripod Manual, Mobile Movie Screen, Home Theater Cinema Wedding Party Office Presentation, Quick Assembly - PRJTP53


  • Extremely movable
  • Made from long-lasting material
  • Comes with an aluminum case for safe travel


  • Small screen size compared to other pull-down projector screens on the market

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10. AmazonBasics 16:9 Pull Down Projector Screen 

The title says it all. This product from AmazonBasics is a pull down projector screen with 16:9 ratio. It is not only height adjustable with a mechanism featuring auto-lock capability, but also technologically compatible with 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D and HDR. The viewing angle amounts to 180 degrees.

It is adaptable to any proper surface just mount it on a wall or hang it from a ceiling. The material is not only durable but manually cleanable. The best aspect about AmazonBasics 16:9 Pull Down Projector Screen is its size. 80 inches is a lot which make it suitable for office, personal or even classroom usage.

However, customers have been complaining on Amazon about the difficult assembly of the item. They state that unlike other products in this category, this one does not come with supplies for attachment to a surface, so they have to spend extra on these components.

AmazonBasics 16-9 Pull Down Projector Screen - 80 Inch, White


  • Large screen
  • Multi-functional usage
  • Height Adjustable


  • Does not come with hanging supplies

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There you have it. Keep in mind not all projector screens share te same features such as being able to be pull downed or maneuverable. You need to consider whether or not you wish to buy one with pull down capability. This is because some projector screens become wrinkly after pulling down. So not only does screen quality matter, but resistance is an important factor as well.

Usage is then another important aspect. Do you wish to use the projector for personal fulfillment, office usage, or for the classroom? These are key determinants of the decision-making process in regards to buying a pull down projector screen.

Whatever your ultimate selection, we hope we have brought you one step closer to picking the right pull-down projector screen.

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