Best Hair Color Brands Professional To Defy Age

Best Hair Color Brands Professional

Best hair color brands professional: Whether you want to go dark with a shade of bold red or want to lighten things up, we got you covered!

All of us love the feeling of getting pampered at the salon, agreed. However, there’s a time when we feel like saving some bucks, and that’s when we think about hair color products. For, if we end up making the wrong choice, a disaster on our hair will cost more than if we had just gone to the beautician in the first place, right?

Enter the best hair color brands professional use whether you want to go dark with a shade of bold red or want to lighten things up with a splash of highlights, these hair color products would fulfill your wish while also making sure your hair remain soft and shiny and this would certainly enhance your beauty.

1. Joico Vero K-pak – Best Seller

At the cost of sounding too technical, Joico has taken the lead over its competitors by going for the K-PAK ingredient in its hair colors. This ingredient allows the Joico Vero to not only color your hair – but also condition and repair them during the coloring process.

It does the same with a combination of bio-advanced Peptide and Quadramine complexes. Both these ingredients combine to form a reconstructive formula which specifically targets the weaker portions of your hair to make sure they remain safe during the coloring process.

More important – and certainly less technical – is the believable color range of this hair color. That is, if you apply them on your hair, nobody would complement that your hair are looking flat or brassy. Still, despite not going over the top with its colors, the gray-hair coverage of the Joico is excellent. However, if you have dark hair, you need to bleach or lighten them for the Joico to show its results.

Then there is its creamy texture which, despite the age-old pouch in which the Joico is packaged, eliminates the dripping problem and makes this hair color easy to apply. Add to this its non-damaging formula, and chances of anything going wrong are pretty slim with this hair color.

Joico Vero K-pak Color Intensity Semi-permanent Hair Color ~ Best Makeup looks ~ Best Hair Color Brands Professional


  • Protects Hair while coloring them
  • Believable color range and excellent gray coverage
  • Creamy texture eliminates the dripping problem


  • Not so great on very dark hair

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2. Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent – Most Reviews

Compare it with Clairol Age Defy – another product from the same manufacturer – and the Natural Instinct differs on two counts. First, it costs nearly half less than that of its counterpart. Second, while the Age Defy is a permanent hair color, the Natural Instincts is Semi-permanent.

One unique aspect of the Natural Instincts is the way its manufacturer measures its retention time. While other hair colors have a certain period after which you need to recolor, the Natural Instinct will continue to do its job for 28 shampoos. Roughly speaking, it translates to more than a month.

Also, once its job will be over, the Natural Instincts won’t leave any harsh root lines in its wake. Instead, while your hair would no doubt get back their original, pre-dying color, they would still be radiant and shiny from tip to root.

Clariol Natural Instincts Semi - Permanent Hair Color ~ Best Makeup Looks ~ Best Hair Color Brands Professional


  • Lasts 28 shampoos
  • Ammonia free
  • Leaves no harsh root lines in its wake
  • Available in 20-colors


  • Couldn’t find anything problematic

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3. Clairol Age Defy Expert Collection – 2nd Highest Rated Product

Overlooking its hyperbolic name, the Clairol “Age Defy” hair color derives its anti-gray-hair power from Pantene shampoo. That means that in addition to giving your hair your favorite shade, it would also make them smooth and shiny.

Also, since it contains the Pro-V Colorseal Conditioner as an ingredient, this hair color would smooth your hair before changing their shade. Then there is its Advanced Color System with the help of which the Clairol targets gray hair before changing their appearance.

Lastly, while it isn’t available in as many shades as the above mentioned Wella Koleston, the 16-color collection of this hair color is still impressive. It would prove to be adequate as long as you don’t want to try something extra-unique such as a purple shade.

Clariol Age Defy Expert Collection ~ Best Makeup looks ~ Best Hair Color Brand Professional


  • Conditions Hair
  • Contains Pro-V Clairol
  • 16 Color Range


  • This Product is slightly expensive compared to other products

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4. Schwarzkopf IGORA ROYAL – Amazon’s Choice

The Schwarzkopf Igora Royal has a creamy texture which does away with the dripping problem with which the cheap hair colors suffer. That is, even when you’d be waiting for the color to develop on your hair, you could multitask.

Equally important is the gray/white coverage which the Schwarzkopf provides. It doesn’t matter whether you have wiry, thick hair or smooth, streamline ones, a careful application of the Schwarzkopf won’t leave any gray hair behind. Similarly, it has a silky cream base which not only provides added moisture but also ensures a smooth application.

Lastly, color equalization is another feature which the Igora Royal takes the lead. Then there is its color retention, which means your hair would retain this hair color for long, hence saving you money in the long term.


  • Brilliant white hair coverage
  • No dripping problem
  • Excellent color retention
  • Good color equalization


  • Requires mixing with Igora Royal Developer for better results

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Greyfree Hair Color – Good Choice

The Greyfree Professional is a temporary hair color which means it will suit you if you want to experiment with a new hair color. Another unique feature about the Greyfree is its package; as it has shunned the age-old pouch in favor of a lipstick type tube. Such a design makes it easy for you to get this hair color out.

However, just because it has the same design as that of a lipstick doesn’t mean its thickness is the same. Instead, inside the tube is an extra-thick color which poses no dripping problems. Also, while other hair colors require application to wet hair for best results, you could apply the Greyfree to dry hair for the same, perfect results.

More importantly, as is the case with all temporary hair colors, the Greyfree has a light formula which means that the chances of frying your hair or inflaming your skin are pretty slim with this hair color. That said, the fact that it is available only in six colors makes your choices a bit limited.


  • Dilute formula diminishes the chance of any skin inflammation
  • Unique tube design makes it easy to apply
  • Has a retention time of 2 months


  • Limited range of colors

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Wella Koleston Perfect Hair Color

For those of you who want to have a shade of medium brown on your hair – or looking for that blonde hair look – the Wella Koleston is a godsend. Free of any additives or chemicals, this hair color is safe to use on your hair.

Apart from safety, versatility is another virtue of the Wella Koleston.  In addition to its brown color product, the Wella Koleston offers 77 colors. It means that regardless of your mood or the trend in-vogue at any day, the Wella Koleston has got a color for every occasion.

Finally, in contrast to the cheap hair colors, the expiry date of the Koleston doesn’t come preset.  Instead, from the day you first open it, you could store it for up to 2 years and the performance of the hair color won’t suffer.

Wella Koleston Perfect Hair Color ~ Best Makeup Looks ~ Best Hair Color Brands Professional


  • Available in 78 colors
  • Inexpensive
  • Less damaging to your hair
  • Gives a natural look


  • There are some issues with packaging, but overall good product

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Goldwell Topchic Hair Color 

Starting on a low note, the design of the Goldwell isn’t as convenient as some of the other colors mentioned in this review. For, it has foregone the convenient, easy-to-use tube design in favor of the age-old, messy pouch. It means color waste is more with the Goldwell.

However, the other features of the Goldwell Topchic make you overlook this shortcoming in its design. Take, for instance, its color range. While most other hair colors in this review provide only 20+ colors, the Goldwell provides 62 of them. It means you cannot complain about limited range with the Goldwell.

For the health of your hair, the Topchic features a special Color Link technology. This tech ensures even pigment distribution and accurate color spreading from scalp to ends. What’s more, to give your hair an overall sleeker look, this technology repairs damaged strands deep inside your hair shaft.

That said, just when you think that nothing could go wrong with the Goldwell – apart from its design of course – another compulsion comes into the picture. For, its manufacturer recommends that you should use the Goldwell developer lotion alongside the Topchic for better results.

Goldwell Topchic Hair Color Coloration ~ Best Makeup Looks ~ Best Hair Color Brand Professional


  • Available in 62 colors
  • Color Link Technology provides accurate and even pigment distribution
  • Repairs damaged hair inside air shaft


  • Has to be used alongside Goldwell developer lotion for better results

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Redken Cover Fusion 

Available in 21 colors, the Redken Cover Fusion not only dyes your hair but also protects them from aging with its built-in argan oil. The Argan oil does the same by neutralizing free radicals which contribute to hair aging. Hence, with extended usage of the Redken, you would have to use hair colors less. Best Hair Color Brands Professional

Before giving your hair your favored color, the Redken, thanks to its cationic conditioning polymers, smooths them. This pre-conditioning of hair makes them better receptive of the incoming hair color, hence improving the efficacy of the Redken.

Lastly, the Redken is available in three strengths: 20, 30, and 40 Volume. As the strength goes up, the lightening of the Redken also increases. It means you should go for the lowest volume if you want extra-dark hair.

Redken Cover Fusion Hair Color ~ Best Makeup Looks ~ Best Hair Color Brand Professional


  • Available in 21 colors
  • Offers three strengths
  • Conditions and smoothens your hair before coloring them


  • Not that good at lightening

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Matrix Socolor Permanent

Looking to give your hair that perfect, sun-kissed look? Matrix Socolor Permanent Hair Color gives one option to do just that. For, instead of providing the normal blonde hair color, it ensures a glaze color, one which will shine in the sun.

Then there is the convenience which the Matrix provides with its non-messy tube package as well as by offering the color in creamy format. It was a far cry from many cheap hair colors which are available in powder form, and which require extensive preparation before their application.

That said, to get the desired results, you’d do well to mix the Matrix Socolor with a developer cream. Provided you do that, you can apply it all over your hair instead of just doing your streaks. Finally, the care which the Matrix Socolor shows for your hair is impressive.

For, while other hair colors just state out their concern, the Matrix gives a demo by giving you instructions on how to conduct an allergy test in the pack. So, if you are extra-careful with your hair, you should conduct this allergy test before you use the Matrix.

Matrix Socolor Permanent Cream Hair Color ~ Best Makeup Looks ~ Best Hair Color Brand Professional


  • Available in 23 colors
  • Non-messy tube package
  • Cremy color format


  • This product isn’t that natural looking

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ColorTrak Hair Colorist Kit

What’s better than a professional hair color? Yup, a hair color kit, for it saves you the money which you’d have otherwise spent on buying gloves, applicator nozzles, and highlighting wands. All this and much more is provided in the ColorTrak Hair Colorist Kit.

Provided in the ColorTrak package is a duo-color brush – so that you don’t have to use two brushes at one time, 4 Croc clips, a color whisk and finally a color beaker. It also contains a special link technology which ensures even and accurate distribution of pigments from ends to the scalp.

There is a pair of black reusable gloves so that you don’t get your hands dirty, a bowl for mixing your hair color, and a Foil for aiding you while coloring your hair. All in all, this kit has everything you need to turn your dressing table into a mini hair-salon.

ColorTrak Professoinal Hair Colorist Kit ~ Best Makeup Looks ~ Best Hair Color Brand Professional


  • Includes a pair of reusable black gloves
  • Excellent choice for beginners
  • In-expensive


  • Color range is limited

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