Well Hello There, Great to have you with us.

I am delighted that you have decided to stop by and spend time here on my page. As I am sure you would agree with our busy schedules and all, time is of the essence, so thanks again.

I started this journey in 2018 when I got inspired by so many entrepreneurs that are trying out various different things online to see if I might have some success.  Being in College and trying to run this blog isn’t the easiest thing, but with your help, I have had some success so far.

By far I really learned the value of having good content and providing value to folks like yourself.  Am I always successful, no, not really, but I promise to try everyday until such time, we can have more valuable information for you.

This blog has change my life and I believe I will continue to grow it.

How I Started…

The journey to get to this point wasn’t easy.  I started with borrowing money from parents.  They helped a lot, but then I taught myself a few tricks on how to organize and continue to get better content.  This project is still work in progress, but I have managed to afford some decent things now along the way.

Being a girl that loves fashion, beauty and home living has allowed me to focus on the topics that I really enjoy to make ends meet.  While being a good student, I tried to be a good daughter and spent every single minute I could find here on my blog wisely.

I have grown my traffic overtime with patient followers and hope to continue to do so in the future. Looking back from 2018, there are big improvement, yet I am no where near my goal.


I tried so many different ways to earn money online and failed at most. From Twitter to Instagram and every affiliate in between, I tried them all.  I figure why not do something I love instead.  I started to put my focus on my passion of outdoors, home living, fashion and beauty and viola, I did see some impact in terms of my followers.

I learned that you really have to start doing what you love and try not to follow stupid advise, so here I am now.  Thru sleepless nights, finding new ways to bring valuable information for my followers, I did better.

With your help, you will see in the coming days even more changes to my blog site. You can see a few my famous posts right here.


There are better things to come in the near future….

Until then, you can expect to find better articles and tips on how you can start a blog for yourself.

I hope you will share this blog and come back often.

Email me here if you have any ideas….

[email protected]

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